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A few days ago we received message from Facebook, that Notiface app cant using permission to fetch notification data. We code Notiface with passion, so we are very sad that we have to say that because new Facebook rules we must stop developing of Notiface. :(

I have CM 12 and android 5.1 and the application keep asking for auth in facebook and i cant pass the welcome screen. Any solution?

No notifications on 5.1 :(
Actually it stucks on connecting to Facebook.

This hasn't been working for a few days. And what ever happened to implementing messages? 

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Nice one adding message notifications in the update! 

Any plans for a dark theme?

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ;)

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Notiface 1.0 Released!
Thank you, guys!
+ Revamped with Material Design
+ Translation: Polish (thx koras)
+ Translation: Italian (thx anssj4)
* Change date format (thx Sirs0ri)
* Sample notifications after install
* Layout changes (Sirs0ri, Schrijver)
* ... and bugfixes (of course) ;)
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Sprichst du Deutsch?
Tu parles français?
¿Hablas español?
Do you want to Notiface speaks in your language?
Help us with translation ;)

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Beta 0.9.1
+ Revamped with Material Design!
+ Italian translation (thx anssj4)
* Sample notifications after install
* Change date format (thx Sirs0ri)
* Layout changes (Sirs0ri)
* Bugfixes
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