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Who loves Pokemon 

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We need more people here

Welcome! Here you can post your art, stories, stuff you have, and even RP if you want to! But there are some rules that should be followed. They're not bad, so don't worry.
Also, I'm still working on the rules. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment.

1: You can post four posts a day, non-consecutively. Wait about an hour before posting again.

2: You will be respectful to the other members of this community. If I or a moderator spots anyone being disrespectful, they will be given a warning. You will be banned on the second offense.

3: Respect opinions, okay? Everyone has a different opinion. If you can't respect someone's opinion, then ignore them. Also, don't shove your opinion down someone's throat. You may get banned.

4: Do not call anyone names such as n***, f***, c***, etc. (You know what I'm talking about.) You will be given a warning, then you will be banned on the second offense.

5: You can post two polls a day.

6: Bullying is not allowed. If you post something complaining about another user and/or calling them a bad name, you will be banned on the first offense.

7: NO PORN, LEWD COMMENTS, ANYTHING ALONG THOSE LINES. No one wants to see that! You will be banned immediately.

8: Don't post anything that asks for likes or reshares. It's basically spam.

9: Absolutely no kys, cancer, bleach drinking, dumb reaction memes, etc. They are extremely annoying, and you will be banned on the second offense.

10: In the RP community, you can do whatever you want(unless it's lewd.), but don't have characters that are invincible to everything. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, ARCEUS.)

11: Please post to the correct category. If you post to the wrong category three times, you'll be banned.

12: Rules will be added when needed. 
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