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Name: Autumntail
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Clan: Shadow Clan
Rank: Warrior
Personality: Kind, slightly stubborn, and helpful
Likes: Calm and quiet places, kits and trees
Dislikes: Loud cats/noises, bossy furballs and leafbare(Winter)

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Come on over, if you like/are a fan of lupisvulpes join us
Hey i just made a lupisvulpes fan community, if anyone wants to join, come on over

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This is seriously my third attempt at drawing a cat, angst is not my final representation of Foxstripe. (BTW Thx for the name lexi the otaku (sorry, I have a hard time remembering your full username ))

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Is patrolling and i hear a noise in a bush and i pounce on u who are u

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Name: Softpelt
Age: 10 moons
Rank: Warrior
Likes: hunting
Dislikes: ?
:3 here's a pic
(Btw she has blue eyes)
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is placing alot of c4 under me i cant live in this world and im not going to starclan! (Open rp)

(Is walking through the grass and go to lake i look at my reflection and see u a female cat then u)

(I walk around patroling as new deputy when i hear some rustling in the forest nearby i check it out and then see u)
(Open rp0

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Name- Oceantail
Age- 24 moons
Clan- Treeclan
Rank- Medicine cat please?
Gender- female
Mother- Firefly
Father- Ferretfoot (Not mates anymore because Ferretfoot was cruel to her)
Other Kin- open!
Sisters- Open! (Only one sister)
Brother- Open! (only one)
Likes- Firefly, being a medicine cat, helping
Dislikes- being blind, not being a warrior, Ferretfoot, kin
Friends- Open!
Enemies- Open!
Bio- At first, Oceankit was loved by both her parents, until they found out she was blind. Ferretfoot was outraged and was going to have her be named "Noeyes" but Firefly, being the mom, disagreed. Ferretfoot never was proud, and always loved his other kits instead of her.
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