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who can modify this program to accept any integer;

.model small
prompt db 0ah ,0dh, "enter a number <5: $"
msg db 0ah ,0dh,"double your number is:"
result db 7, 0ah, 0dh , "$"


mov ax, @data
mov ds,ax
lea dx,prompt
mov ah, 9 ;dos fn to output string up to $
int 21h
mov ah,1 ;dos fn to input byte into al
int 21h
sub al,30h; convert from ascii to integer
add al,al
add al,30h; convert back to ascii
mov result, al
lea dx,msg
mov ah ,9
int 21h
mov ax, 4c00h
int 21h
end start
note the program is for 8086 microprocessor written in assembly language,also this program accept number less than five and give the result.
Let's see what you are made of.....

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The Open source program office at Google is proud to announce that Google Summer of Code will be holding again in 2016.
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Hello everyone, i am Yaw Manuel....... i am a  novice  programmer and  i would  love to join you  guys  in  the "Google Summer of Code"

Hello everyone, Sanni Idris from the federal university of agriculture aboeokuta, an Idea developer who loves to explore a little bit of everything.
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