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Everyone thanks for joining :)

Hi how ar yu today every one
Am bi gril
it your chcoie if you wnet talk to me only if u wnet to

I don't care if it boys or grils or if you are starigt or bi  or gay or anything else/ like cds
have nice day

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Kise X Aomine yes!~
Anime: Kuroko no Basket
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hai I'm new here

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((Open to a shy yet loving female))

The year is 1817. You are Shayne Delgrassi and I am Alexander Keenan, and we're both Assassin's, but each of different creeds... I'm a Templar Assassin Hunter, and you're an Assassin of the Ancient Brotherhood. We were both assigned to meet up in a fort called Albatross, as part of a big battle. Since us Templar had the English Crown on our side, the battle was a fierce one, that was ultimately one-sided. I, along with my comrades, slaughtered every single Assassin alive... except you. You and I fought well and hard against each other, but I eventually won. I couldn't muster the strength to stab my blade in your gut, so I spared you. The reason? I... fell in love with you... so instead of killing you, I trusted you enough to take you on board my ship. I nursed you back to help and along with that, opened your eyes about the Assassin's true--and dark intentions. You eventually decided to change to my side, because I told you so much about the dark purposes of the Assassin's, and showed so much love in nursing you back to health. There were nights that I never slept, just to leave you sleeping in my own bed, and when I did sleep, I slept on my captain's desk of the ship, or with the other crew members... one day, you felt a lot better, and got up from my bed and slowly walked out of my office and onto the deck of the ship. You turned and saw me at the helm of my ship. I looked down at you and quickly ordered my men to stop the ship.
"HAUL DOWN ALL SAILS, GET OFF THE SWARM!!!" I shouted over the roaring sea winds. The ship slowly ground to a halt. I climbed over the railing and landed in front of you. "Lass, why are you out of bed? You're not well yet." You blushed and responded...
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Ace chuckled at the popular kids that were picking on him, how he looked such a nerd. It never really bothered that he was a 'nerd'.
"Are you done? I could actually use this time to work..." Ace stood as he speaks, his smooth monotone surprised most people. He moves his red crazy like hair to a side and takes his head phones, holding out his hand. "Are you guys are going to give me your homework or not?" He tilts his head having a sly grin ad the popular males snicker as the girls blushed as they all handed him the homework witch was a huge pack now. He straightens them out and placed them in his binder before leaving.

Ace pumped up his music in the hallway before earning a tap, with a single turn he looked down seeing the small popular male of the group, his nick name was The Prince.
"Y/N I didn't see you there with the others..."
Ace held his hand out for the homework, and received it from Y/N, putting it in stack in the binder.

Ace had his own rules in the highschool; Always smile, always listen, and don't put up a fight. He was bullied but it never did once gotten to him, or in his mind. The moment he left school, everything is different... VERY different.

Y/N stared at Ace's back, looking at his red hair and muscular body, he kept wondering why he would let himself get bullied.

After the popular teens did their thing witch was to mainly hang out after shool together they separate, Y/N going his own way.

Y/N was walking down the same routine to his house, and again going through the dark silence neighborhood.

Everything was exactly the same except, Y/N ends up agaisnt the wall, with his hands behind his back. "You look like a cutie with money...." A thug chuckled darkly with his gangster like friends. Y/N looked at them eye widen before trying g to call out for help, a rage was tied at his mouth to silence him.

"OI!" A tall male approached the gang, the males hair was like a flame as his dark purple eyes pierced anyone's soul in a split second, he taps his katakana on his shoulder, his jacket opened showing his muscular body, a tattoo at the heart written in Japanese meaning Dragon. "Five agaisnt one is really idiotic"

"Who the hell are you?" One of the gangsters questions as the male chuckled and smirked. "Your worse nightmare"


-Uke Needed

The Don't's
❌ Don't Abandon please.
❌ Don't go to quickly to sex.
❌ Don't use emojis like 😡😤😈
❌ Don't use text talk like "lol" "ikr?"
❌ Don't hold back idea's.

The Do's
✔ Do have your rp name.
✔ Do make drama in the rp as well.
✔ Do make it also some fun for you to enjoy.
✔ Do make my character jealous/mad/sad.
✔ Do have fun ring with me.
✔ Do make this a long term Rp

Requirements when asking to Rp
🌟 Ask "May I".

🌟 Insert RP name.

🌟 Who you want to start first (me or you).

🌟 If the post is already taken and you want to Rp, ask for a "Repost".

Just what I want you to know

💡 I can do 3rd person or 1st person.

💡 If you want to fantasy it, I wouldn't mind. (Like your character has some sort of power or curse, But please don't change your character to a female, it can be a shifter but like...this is a Yaoi rp, do keep in mind)

💡 If you have a idea, and thing it would be awesome if it happened, we can have a Admin to Admin chat to make that idea come true.

💡 If you want male pregnancy, I am fully okay with it, just make sure to inform me, I don't mind either way.

💡 If you just want to have a admin to Admin chat about the rp, I wouldn't mind at all.

💡 the amount of lines you must do, doesn't matter to me, the details would be lovely, but isn't required.

💡 The grammar doesn't have to be a 100 percent perfect for this rp (I'm not that good but I try).


🔥I am the one with glasses and red hair (That's his nerd look), and the one with purple eyes and flame looking hair (this is his bad ass leader look xD)

💥You are the last two photos, one with the crown and the other tilting his head to the right.
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Should i make a Tadashi x Hiro Rp needing either a Uke or Seme?
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(Tadashi x Hiro, Don't like it? Sorry, I don't accept some people to, Don't report, and Don't Flag)

Very Young Hiro comes running towards his brother, with tears falling from his eyes, someone made fun how he wouldn't make it as anyone important to this world and would probably die alone. Tadashi knew this was bad but couldn't help to take in the cuteness. He frowns, but a line of blood came down his nose as he says with his protective voice "Who did this to you?"

Later (Still Past)
Hiro started to get growing but of course still smaller than his older brother, who would bust him out with every battle he went through just to get some cash. Even though Tadashi himself gotten another job helping people fix bikes. He let's his brother see Bamax and they have fun, with eachother most of the time.

It seemed like any normal day intill Hiro realizes, when it comes down to it, Tadashi might leave to start his life and confronted him with that same nightmare seeing his brother leave him.

From his bed Hiro gotten up, walking over to his brothers side of the room who laid exhuasted from school and work.
"Hey Tadashi...? Are you sleeping...?" Hiro gently asked, the fear was in his voice.
With only a "hm?" As a response he continues going over and rubs his left eye.
"I had a bad dream..." he says throwing his body over his older brother causing him to jump and slightly grunt.
"So I'm sleeping here okay?" "Ah, Fine just don't try breaking my ribs...!" He sighed as he laid back, patting Hiro head. "....There was us and someone lit the institution on fire...and you ran in the like a idiot..."
Tadashi chuckled "Don't worry, i'll never stop looking after you..."

Next Few Months (Still Past)
Hiro started to behave more but still went to do a couple of fights once and awhile witch never minded Tadashi if he was there seeing his little brother kick ass, everything just went right, so right.
Tadashi gotten home from a late night at school his aunt went to a little party that some people invited her in, sadly it was only adults allowed.

She left a note on the table just for Tadashi to see. Watch your bother and stay close, just intill I get back, I gotten invited to a party!! I'm going to have a little fun! Hiro said you should be here in a few minutes, food is all in the fridge if you both are hungry. See you then! Hugs and Kisses! Tadashi chuckled and shook his head.

"Hiro?!" Tadashi called out going up the srairs, slowing down when he as he heard moans and gasps of pleasure.
Tadashi slowly cracked opened the door and saw Hiro masturbating on his bed. His eyes widen in shock, having a blush on his face seeing his little, what used to be innocent, brother. When Hiro called out loudly from his older brother Tadashi felt his pants tighten, bitting his lip, he couldn't help himself but pulled his member out as well and started to stroke the same pace, holding his moans deep in his throat.

"Tah! Tadashi...!" Hiro moans not able to contorl him self any longer and pulled down his boxers, inserting two fingers moaning as he panted heavily. Tadashi stroked faster as Hiro tried going deeper moaning louder for his brother to cum inside. "I-i'm about cum nii-san....!" He panted moving his hips.

Tadashi had a low moan as he stroked faster "I'm about to Hiro..." he panted quietly as they moved moved at the same pass before Hiro moans loudly cumming on the bed just as Tadashi cums in his on the wall panting heavily.

Tadashi panted but quickly cleans up before entering the room, knowing his brothers had this feeling for him, he knew he couldn't lie to himself, he felt the same way, so with a sighed he enters the room with a shocked now half naked Hiro infront of him.

"Hiro..." "did you heard me?" Hiro asks quickly as Tadashi sighed and nodded as Hiro hugs him tightly. "I'm sorry...!! I-i....I-i really love you Tadashi...and-d I didn't think this would be the way of telling-g you...." Hiro lowered his head in shame. "D-dont hate me....please don't hate me..." He begged as Tadashi's eyes widen and hugged Hiro tightly.

"I never would hate you Hiro....never, you can stupid things, bit I won't ever....ever...hate you" Tadashi held Hiro closely. "I love you to Hiro....with all my heart, and I will never leave your side....never..." Hiro grips his brothers shirt, sniffing lightly. "Y... You promise?" Tadashi smiled. "I promise...." he leaves done, giving Hiro a gently kiss and picking him up, laying him on the bed. Having a wonderful moment.

A Year Later (Still In Past)

Tadashi and Hiro spent everyday, and time with each other after Tadashi was home or they would be home alone, they would have their fun, but if they wanted to have their fun when their aunt was there Tadashi couldn't help but tease his brother, helping him release, making sure Hiro's voice wasn't loud.

After a while Tadashi's college was giving a opening to try to get new students, it was going to happen at June. Tadashi suggested Hiro to get in, maybe they could even work together when his smart mind. Hiro agreed and gotten ready and with Tadashi's motivation he was able to do it.

June (Still Past)
'That was a lie' Hiro thought his tears falling as he saw the institution explod with his older brother, his lover, his happiness. "You said you would stay with me!!" Hiro shouted, now being infront of Tadashi's grave.

(*This is where the movie takes place really, where Hiro gets revenge knows that Revenge isn't the right thing, so I'm skipping ahead, to where he is going to help people but also, secretly helping himself make a human-bot Tadashi using the conscience that Bamax had of Tadashi, I hope you like the Rp so far)

Presents (Finally)
Hiro helped thousands even at his young age, he grew up more still had a goofy smile that was lit, but knowing he was still dying inside he had a project for only himself, and that was to get Tadashi back. Working for almost about a year. Hiro now being a 17 teen year old now, finally thinks he made the best invention that he could possibly do. Now exhuasted and tired, he held his older brother, hoping, praying, that he would return, that he would be here with him. Sleeping in his brothers arms, he gently kissed his lips before actually knocking out that night.

Hiro woken up and sat up feeling Tadashi actually move, he quickly sat up to look, and had the most happiest smile, not believing he had done it.

"Morning..!♡" Hiro says with a chuckle. "How is the feeling of losing Mortality Tadashi's?"


- Yes I changed up the word
- Sorry if it's long
- Was it even good?
(You could tell me in the comments, I rather know so I could be better at making rps)

Tadashi is Seme
Hiro is Uke
I could be either, and you could choose doesn't matter to me...

Yes I could repost

If i don't reply
- I'm busy
- I Slept
- I'm doing homework
- I'm in HS (high school)
- I'm not on google plus

I'm will try to tell you if I'm busy

Let's have fun, and Rp!
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