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There are some steps whereby weight reduction may become a realistic goal:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables, legumes and whole grains.
2. Increase levels of physical activity.
3. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar.
4. Avoid alcoholic beverages.
5. Eat more protein to preserve muscle mass.
6. Only eat as much as you can burn.

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Achieve weight-loss by believing in yourself
Posted by calvin dravid on January 16, 2012 at 3:09am
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It doesn’t take more than one thing to lose weight! It is called consistency. The desire to really loose and not give up becomes instrumental in delivering efficient weight loss! Then the rest can follow, the methodology, procedure, grit, dedication and delivery are all secondary to the more important factor: desire. Desire is a quintessential element in achieving weight loss that is permanent and effective. For people who have battled weight loss for a considerable time will really benefit by this article. For we do not suggest any do’s and don’ts, we understand that all know that walking dancing, eating less, eating right, working-out and being mobile helps one to achieve long term weight loss. This will help you in achieving weight loss faster than any cheat trick.
We also know that you know that to achieve more permanent and long term weight loss, there are certain shed excess oil pills and shakes also come to rescue. There are many books and articles that offer a sane advice on achieving weight loss. A subscription with a regular dietician and eating on the right time also helps to correct one’s faulty eating practices that can result in long term weight loss. But, what most people overlook is the most important factor in an effective weight loss program. It is termed as self motivation. Self motivation is the self help trick that can not only help on loose, but it can also help one sustain their lost weight and beautiful figure. Motivation is the zeal that has successfully been able to bend mountains and produce water in a dry arid land. This self-belief produces astounding output so that nothing really seems far or elusive.
I am writing this full of confidence today, since a friend of mine successfully lost around 182 pound in a span of three years. Where on this planet did she find the motivation to stay motivated for so long is unknown. Her news and story was covered by international media. And her success became a sparkling star of guidance in many hopeless and defeated lives. People actually touched her to feel if what she claimed was true. Very recently, she made an undying ripple of popularity on the internet. All she claims she did for long term weight loss and to rediscover herself was to keep herself self-motivated. She did not give up. Many times she got exasperated and decided to give up, but she remained steadfast towards her goal. She gave time out, but she never gave up. And that is why she stands prettier, healthier and fitter today, at around 150 kgs lesser than she was three years ago!
Achieve weight loss by scientific & sane practices; do not invest energy in stupid tactics that only cause your health to ruin more. Do not get involved in stupid ideas that anyone suggests. Know yourself, discover your body. See what you do when you feel tired, discover if you feel hungry the most if you’re tired or angry or nostalgic. Knowing yourself is the easiest way to give up on all guilt and anger that you have trapped within. It will help you to forgive yourself and emerge more beautiful and pretty and at the same time achieve long term weight loss.
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