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Andryw's Katana

It is a normally forged katana made from consecrated steel forged on a mountaintop once a year.

This katana has been infused with the dreams of fallen warriors, their dreams of revenge and battle.

In battle Andryw often uses it to blast light at his foes. He does this by calling upon the heaven's pure light.

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Name: Aleksei Rosen last name unknown
Nickname: Crow of Death.
Age: 13 looking but millions of years old.
Rank: 99 A
Occupation: devil's butler, medical knower and engineer.
Species: reaper
Weapons: too many to say. But her favorite is her syringes.
Hell. But there are some times she lives on earth.
Personality: Rose has two souls. One of darkness. That has her anger, sadness and blankness. Which is what she usually is. Her imagination soul has her happiness ans excitement and straight up insanity. She is quiet and hidey. She never says her name the first time she meets someone. She is sometimes dark and sometimes insane and cheery! She acts like Alice from Alice in Wonderland when she is insane.

Bio: she never had parents or memory but woke up as the devil's personal butler. She is a double souler and a strong one that that. A grimm reaper who loves to watch humans but kills criminals for fun. She loves freakshow and even puts on shows of her own!

She is a magic user of course. She is a fire lover of course in a way and can make lybrinths. She things whatever can stand through them is worthy of her attention in a way. Thats how she takes souls. She loves to invent and lives in a black mansion in both Hell and London and Germany. And she has an apartment in japan. She loves to travel. But hides her face too much.
Since she puts up so many barriers she has the equivilent of no friends and has been in 6 asylums total and broke out of all of them.

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"Never draw your blade unless you intend to use it"
"All souls can be saved. All demons are fallen angels. I will not fight till i have determined whether a soul can be saved or must be destroyed"

Name: Andryw

Age: 15

Race: Two souler (Light paladin, Faucherave)

Skills: Iado (Swordfighting), judo. Dreamwalking, telepathy.

Heaven/Hell: Heaven.

Weapons: Kodaichi. Silenced 9mm beretta. Homemade springloaded hidden blade.

Bio: A modern paladin.
As a kid, he liked playing games and drew much of his fighting skill from his video games. One day, people in his society started having a strange occurance. They went to sleep and when they woke up they felt drained. Like their happiness was consumed. Some reported waking up in the night, seeing a strange demonic creature infront of them.

Then one night, this demon targetted Andryw, and was in for a surprise.
Andryw was a lucid dreamer, meaning he could control his dreams. In the middle of his dream he thought he heard something, he decided to wake up, and lo and behold a faucherave was above him. The faucherave tried to shock him into fainting but Andryw was determined to get rid of the demon.
There was a fight, the end result was that Andryw did ehat he had to do and absorbed the demon entirely into his mind, his dreamland.

So the two souls were one, Andryw talked to the demon until they came to an agreement. Andryw would become a paladin of the light, and the faucherave could siphon the energies of his victims. In return, the faucherave would give him any powers he had.

Andryw was happy, he had succesfully, 'saved' a demon. Never was this done before. But oh, was it going to happen alot more.

Personality: In combat, he seems cold and calculative, occasionally taunting. But he is normally an open and kind hearted guy.

His nameless faucherave which he named Somnus, is a crazed figure whoose insanity allowed him to change sides.

you are walking down your usual way when you see a crow. But it is, much bigger then normal and then it glows and begins to display many different colors and beautiful illusions in its feathers. Its extremely interesting. The crow flies off down the ally and you yourself ponder if you should follow (yay first rp in this community!)

Question: Can a souler be of two species?

Hello! I've joined, if it's alright.

~Two Soulers~

These are very special and extremely strong. Their ranks go up to the high numbers and there are only two or three that exist. Two are known. (Lol me and possibly +Andryw Etmis) They can make lybrinths to take souls if they want. They are usually turned away by other people who are jealous of them and usually have a dark and a light soul to balance them out. The dark souls take the anger, sadness, depression, and hate. The light souls take on the happiness, excitement, love, and niceness. Due to their soulyness angels and demons try to kill them or kidnap them to keep their strength to themselves. Some demons or angels wish to experiment apon them. They dont have the best life like you would think.
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