I am looming for more of the lotus in my children and grandchildren. I am not sure about scorpion or shark behaviors. I am not sure that is there natural behavior, unless they are shark or scorpion to begin with.

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That is good to know
'Story at-a-glance' from 'The Best Exercise for Aging Muscles' on Mercola.com

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) led to significant changes in genes that influence mitochondrial health in muscle cells.

HIIT improved age-related decline in muscle mitochondria, an effect that was particularly pronounced in older exercisers.

HIIT may work better than other forms of exercise to prevent age-related changes to muscles'

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I will have to avoid this.
People who have protein in their urine, which is a sign of kidney problems, may also be more likely to later develop problems with thinking and memory skills or even dementia.


Personally it maybe best not to get with woman that will block you from having a family. I think that is the only recourse. I am not sure if men get with women they have any recourse.

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It maybe best to keep it positive. 
Extracts from 'Scientists Have Proven That Negativity Literally Makes Cancer Grow Inside The Body' on RiseEarth.com

Everybody feels negative emotions once in a while, but these emotions have a stronger effect on your health than you may realise.

Every time you think about regrets, experience resentment or replay bad memories in your head, your body suffers just as much as your mind.

That’s why harbouring negative emotions can lead to devastating long-term disease. But there is one simple solution: forgiveness.

Trouble is, our culture seems to perceive forgiveness as a sign of weakness, submission, or both. This makes it harder to actually do the work to forgive people who’ve done you harm.

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Personally, I do not know why some of the Boy Scout troop got with my daughter's. That was a volunteer positions, it was not for the money. Atleast for me it was not.

I am thinking if I ever have kids and I say "If your bad better have a good reason" , they may think it is but it may not be. 

One reason I was thinking of the person I was thinking of they have lots of family. Thst is not something I have around here. It would help to combine operations.

Personally I think this breeding my family to raise themselves is not right. They are not supposed to do that. I do not appreciate toying with my family.

I am trying slim down, do not know if I can go a year without eating. That may be to much. I am not sure I can do that.
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