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Hello everyone and welcome!!!

If you want to ask me a question... make sure to start with ....

Dear Violet,

And end with


Thank you

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Dear Violet, +violet willow johnson

I need your help, I haven't seen my wife Amy in a while, I couldn't help it being single when she's gone, what can I do?

Last night (and I'm not exaggerating) but I was up about 1:00 am everyone was asleep and I was about to fall asleep and all I here is a loud scream and all the doors in the house... opened cabinets
Open everything opened so I went to my living room (pissed off and a little scared) and I went to close the door and the TV turned on and that's when I woke up the same thing happened I yelled stop it stopped

I need help...

So, I just woke up. I had a strange dream where I was swimming in a river with this random person and two seals. Right before I woke up, I felt something. Something latched onto my finger. This is the part I need help with. When it latched on: I could feel it in real life which is what caused me to wake up.

What does it mean for me to feel something in real life when it happened in a dream?

Dear Violet,
I'm supposed to be playing. Game of War, but this one player keeps kicking my ass. Please help.

Love, Jayson

Dear Violet,
You are a fnaf fan, right?

I hate my life and I want to die

Dear Violet,
I need your help! One of my friends named, Sean keeps on telling me this thing over and over again. He keeps saying "Your on that mojo" which means he wants my skin color. I am confused and a little scared too. What do I do?

Thank you!!! <3

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Thanks for invite, and also i like this girl irl (and she's on google plus too) but she's already dating someone....i feel broken

Card Violet,
There's a boy I like who used to go to school with me, then I moved to Fl. I still like him and it's been seven months. We keep in touch. Yet for years I was a total punto to him while he stood by my side for years. I tried to apologize but he didnt understand y I was. Am I worthy of calling him a friend? After taunting and kicking and punching him?
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