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Hope this isn't a duplicate post, but I don't see that it showed up from the first time I tried.

Here's one from the vaults. Our first attempt at adding sound FX to the show. I wish I had done a better job of layering them, but I still think this is a really fun episode. As a Field Trip we didn't worry about sticking to the rules :)

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Here are two characters from our games back in the early 90's. I played Moon Child and my friend was Wraith. Our GM ran us through a modified version of the Supernatural Trilogy of modules: After Midnight, Night Moves & Night Life. We had loads of fun teaming up with Shang-Chi, fighting Frankenstien and so much more.
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Okay, trying my hand at character creation. I started by just throwing some dice around and then tweaking some throws when it got to powers so that they would fit together a bit better.
Here is what I got. His name is Slingshock, a robot rooftop jumper of justice. He fights crime along the city's rooftops, a grin on his plastic face. He is able to cast his fingertips out on thin metal tendrils, using them to swing through the air, or delivering shocking jolts of electricity through them to evil doers.

I'm sure I'm still missing a lot, but I'm getting tired and figured I'd throw what I have out there and see what's in my inbox in the morning.


F 91 Amazing
A 71 Incredible
S 16 Good
E 51 Remarkable
R 51 Remarkable
I 21 Good
P 21 Good

Health 229
Karma 93
Resources: Typical
Popularity (Hero -5) (Secret ID 0)

Powers 4/4
Talents 2/5
Contacts 0/4

Elongation (Fingers Only)
Ensnaring Missile
Energy Touch
Resistant to Electricity

Weapons Skills - Thrown Weapons
Fighting Skills - Acrobatics

It looks like the converter on classicmarvelforever is for M&M 2nd edition. Does anyone have a reliable converter of M&M 3rd / DC Adventures to FASERIP conversion? I think I can figure out most, but figuring out Psyche really has me stumped.

How do you play online with friends? I'm planning FASERIP Marvel Superheroes with guys who haven't played in 30 years. Should I just email them all a copy of the Universal Table and start a Google Hangout then? We won't need much visually since we're dealing with characters we're all familiar with.

Looks like I'm going to try an online game via Hangouts. The players have never played an RPG before, and I haven't played MSH in 35 years. To simplify things I'm going to mix and mash basic and advanced rules, and throw some rules out completely. Based on your experience, do you see any of the following causing problems?

1) Time (6 sec/rd) rules - gone; just going to common sense what you can and can't do in a round.
2) No maps. I'm not going to get everyone to create a d20 account, so visuals are probably out. That means...
3) Movement rules - gone; I hate the advanced 44 ft rule anyway. I'll just keep track of relative area spaces among characters if it ever becomes relevant; throwing out flying speed up/speed down rules; playing elevation rules by ear.
4) Dodging - I'm going to allow agile players Dodging against melee attacks (as opposed to only Fighting based Evades). Don't tell me Spidey can't dodge a punch.

Any glaring problems here? Any other suggested tweaks? I'm shooting for a real beer n' pretzels, 1980s, 4-color game, and I don't want it bogged down in mechanics. 

Going to try learning the system. Wish me luck.

Was there ever a stat write-up for US Agent? I couldn't find anything in any West Coast Avenger resources.

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We rebooted our Marvel campaign so we could use the point-buy rules to design a team instead of throwing together a randomly rolled group.

I'm excited to see how this one goes. With all the traditional roles covered and a balanced team it should be a different kind of game. I can't wait until we play our characters next Tuesday!

Also, I've never played a speedster!
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