OK here's the Five major branches of the huge project I've worked on for 2 years not including my special security protocol.

I would love to tell you everything about the project but it's been one of those projects that reminds me of this older movie where this guy's goal in life was to buy a lambo, so when he gets to the dealer to order it(it's old but futuristic, so shitty) he has to pick his options. He was only supposed to pick a "few" options, well he just can't say no to ANYTHING just like me when I built this monstrosity. 

So let me try and be brief at the same time. 

First: I hate Bitcointalk forum, period period period. Always have(well the first month it was open was fine after that, fuck it) because they are all hypocrites, if the originals really are on their accounts. A very prominent and very early coin developer has had his account hacked so many times that one time someone was on his account while he was on his incognito account, and so he thought "I wonder what this dickhead would do if I asked him how he created my coin?" So he did and the guy just started talking like he was the developer of this highly essential coin. As for new users, forget it. They get no help plus they are just labeled scammers. I've been extremely involved with Bitcoin since February 2010, even though I did half ass start in November 2009, and its a joke how I'm treated there. So I've refused to give them ANY idea who I am not that I'm special but they would try to place their faults on me. That place is so dead to people who are new and those that want to help people. SO I wanted a REAL place for all to go without that bullshit. Plus no multiple accounts, or basically anything that's fine there will not be ok by my standards. Plus I have an ultimate fix you will read last that I might touch briefly on.

Second: Since the project is not yet released I will not be able to name the unbelievably talented and vastly knowledgable people who are going to donate their time to the project. So Obviously I have an issue with how new users of Bitcoin learn. Well I have brought some of the very best and like minded developers, experts in finance(crypto specifically), trading, various different leaders in all areas of the Bitcoin world that all are wanting a change for everyone. Each one of us wanting to help others and use our vast knowledge base of like minded people who have no agendas except to see the future of Bitcoin move forward in a defined direction. Together anything is possible, as individuals nothing can be achieved. So remember this is just the part about helping new users learn Bitcoin, but remember everyone holds a part for the next part ad well too. We all know what has NOT worked and we all know what WILL work(at least we think so).

Third: Development,. I have created such an elaborate developmental system for everyone to work together anytime anywhere. I have support from Microsoft(don't worry about Ethereum) as they gave me different ideas of a global cross platform setups for me to integrate. This is very close to my heart because 1) the future development of Bitcoin is huge moving forward, then 2) think of all the people in the world that have that next GREAT idea but barely can type let alone program. Each programmer is available to anyone who has a bad, ok, good or GREAT idea, then that person and developer do their thing. I get nothing out of it nor want anything but to see people succeed. The developer and the person with the idea work that out and it's all theirs. I believe this will really bring out some very special things that may never have had a chance. I am so behind this. If I'm wrong and miss well at least Gavin Andressan will have a much needed group of people, nay CRITICAL THINKING DEVELOPERS, to tell him no finally. 

Fourth: Fun, each person I've talked to about my project said Fun was a top 5 issue that has been lost in Bitcoin outside the business aspect. Remember back at first, we ONLY had fun with it. Cause it sure as fuck wasn't worth anything. This was a oddly difficult part though for me. So this part kind of falls in the first section. Eliminating the know it alls, absolutely eliminating scammers(again the last section), proper handling of beginners and those having trouble with advanced learning. I want to incorporate games on site, group trips for people to meet up for a break on the site so people don't think "learning or development only", users, mainly new users but everyone will have instant access to buy Bitcoin with instant TX's and both parties involved have absolutely no possibility of a deal gone wrong(this I will have to elaborate as it opens). Quickly though, there are only going to be only a few sellers, unlike the forum where everyone can sell and nothing is done correctly. So there everyone gets fucked with no help as when I was scammed for the last time there for 129.77217 bitcoin. This part I must find at least 1 or more partners in, I want to start an exclusive Crypto payment processing system. Everyone that is with me on this project is saying "do it, it would be awesome" well I'm not EVER going to have some bullshit happen to me where I look like Mark Kaples(magictux or magically gone 500,000 btc). I want a person that can witness everything I do and me witness them ALWAYS if I'm going to do that. Basically I want a triplekey signature system overseen by 3 key holders as well. They is an outsider wanting to just invest but I'm honestly will not take investments. However if I were to take any type of investment that would literally be the only way in if the other key holders do not want to use their funds, then I would possibly allow this.

I'm going to end this on fifth but I have so much more 

Fifth: This is also big to me. The First Ever Crypto Cyber Security Protocol with a Two Part Penalty System for the offending person/people. Nothing involves the law. It was designed just like Bitcoin, no borders and implementation happens across the world immediately. This whole thing has 3 years + involved now with me getting it done. Now I got it done and now I'm being approached by HBSC and JPMorgan are the two biggest banks trying to get involved with it. We don't like banks. We believe in Bitcoin and decentralized systems. This part is patent pending and 1 of 4 licenses have been given so far. But in the next week I'm told the full patent rights will be given plus any licenses as well. Then I can give all details on this great needed system to eliminate those that honestly do not deserve air in their lungs if all they want is to cause financial damage and negative press to Bitcoin.

To close that first fun that I'm injecting into this project is this, I'm Giving away a now 2017 Mercedes CLA AMG With every option. So keep a close eye on the details of that.

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This is my facebook Bitcoin Learning For All site. I would love to help in anyway I'm needed, if you just need a few questions answered, Please ask. If you are having issues with anything in bitcoin I absolutely can help you or show you how to fix your problem. And if you need any thoughts on Bitcoin trading against the stock markets, I can absolutely help you with that too.  

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