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Reading a book in her study. Ughh... Puts her feet up on her desk and leans back, This is so borrrinnng Sighs and shuts her eyes, pushing on the desk a little too hard Gah! With a bang, Crimson falls, hitting her head Ow...

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Is found perched on a bench quietly humming to self of course since he was here the item shop must have been closed Today is Sunday today is Sunday... A day for rest...nods head softly feels good outside today...feels fresh...yeah...that's fresh closes eyes and continues to nod head


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(Closed, +Ruth Azura)
.... Elizabeth sits in her room, staring down at her phone, more specifically, Ruth's number. Debating wither to press the call button or not. It's just lunch, right? What's thee big deal about it... Right? Narrows eyes and presses the button... Throws phone a crossed the room and hides behind bed It's ringing..... Jumps, hearing it go to his voicemail, she sighs in relief before scrambling for it and hanging up. A moment later, it rings, she jumps again, throwing it out of her hands. She tries to catch it, only to have it meet with her face her nose presses the answer button, her phone falling to the floor as she yelps and falls forward, seeing it was Ruth who was calling .... H- hello?

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(Closed, +Ruth Azura)
Elizabeth sits at her desk, listening to the teacher babble on as she waits for the final bell. When it rings, she stands, grabs her bag, and walks out quietly. She begins to walk home, stopping for a moment when she hears footsteps behind her. She turns and looks at the person presumably stalking her
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Name: Elizabeth Last name here
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet, detached to almost everyone, shy almost..?
Strength: 10
Speed: 10
Defense: 10
Magic/Power Skill: 20
Magic/Power Strength: 20
Magic: Water usage
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(+Heine Rammsteiner )
Crimson wakes up on her bed After fucking, and sits up rubbing her eyes, Mm... Bloodedge..? 

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Standing outside of Crimson's house with arms crossed Hmm...somethings seems
(( +Sarah Kanade ))

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Yawns, sitting up from her bed and looking around. Did I... fall asleep? huffs and lays back down, looking around Bloodegde..?
(closed, +Heine Rammsteiner​)

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"And so for a hundred years I was thought a monster while I waited for the chosen one to be born and save my people."

Name: Amaterasu-"Shiranui"
Title: "Origin of all that is good", "Mother to us all", "White-Wild Majesty", "Saviour of the Worlds"
Gender: Unknown, thought Female, though given Male pronouns.
Species: Okami (wolf god)
Status: God(dess) of the Sun - Boss

Likes: Cherry pies, sake, festivals, other gods, poncles

Dislikes: Baths when she's a wolf, demons, anyone who threatens her children, Orochi, Yami everyone is her child

Bio: Amaterasu is the head celestial brush god and the goddess of the Sun. She is ultimate benevolence but still shows human traits. She comes to the mortal land from the Celestial Plains in order to drive out evil that would hurt the honest people of the world. Shiranui is the full power incarnation of Amaterasu, who spent a century guarding the village Kamiki against Orochi. The wolf was thought to be a familiar of Orochi and was treated with scorn and violence by the village she protected.

Unlike Amaterasu, Shiranui is not child like at heart and is seemingly flawless in power and personality. Even water does little to slow Shiranui.

Weapons: Divine Instruments, weapons forged for the Celestial brush gods. Each has its own strength and weakness so Ammy switches which she has as a main weapon and as a sub weapon depending on the enemy.

Reflector "Solar Flare": is the final and most powerful Reflector that Amaterasu obtained. It is the Reflector Shiranui, Amaterasu's past self, wielded. The flames projected by this Reflector can be used for Inferno, effectively phasing out the need for torches or other sources of fire, such as Fireburst. They can only be used for a close-range attack when set as the main weapon and act as a shield to block attacks when when used as a subbed. 

Rosary "Tundra Beads":  It harnesses the power of ice and can be used as an ice source for Blizzard. When used as sub, it can be used to shoot several beads individually and quickly, like most Rosaries. They can be used for a long-range fast-striking attack when set as the main weapon and can be fired like bullets when subbed.

Glaive "Thunder Edge":  is the final Glaive obtained by Amaterasu. It is the most powerful Divine Instrument when fully charged. It generates lightning constantly, and is thus a lightning source for the Thunderstorm Celestial Brush technique. These launch a charged attack which can be devastatingly powerful when fully-charged if equipped as the main weapon. When subbed, it can perform a powerful wide-spread strike which can also be charged. 


Celestial Brush Techniques: The powers of the brush gods which gives Ammy these abilities individually for short bursts of time.
○-Sunrise: Ability to raise the sun
■-Rejuvenation: ability to repair broken objects
↔-Power Slash: cuts a straight line on an object or enemy
ο-Bloom: makes flowers and trees Bloom, when used on people it makes them happy and they pet Ammy (ultimate attack lol)
ο-Water Lily: makes lily pads to allow her to walk over water
∫-Vine: makes vines that pull Ammy to other locations
∂-Cherry Bomb: creates a metal bomb that can be summoned 3 times at once
ⅼⅼ-Waterspout: makes water move from its source or cause a painful hail of water
⊃-Cresent: ability to raise the moon which greatly weakens demons and evil forces
Ξ-Galestorm: creates a large gust of wind or a tornado
∞-Inferno: makes fire move from its source or create an explosion of flames.
=-Veil of Mist: creates a mist that intoxicates and slows enemies around her as well as warp her to other locations
°-Catwalk: creates pawprints up walls and cliffs that allows Shiranui to climb vertical surfaces and even upside down
↯-Thunderstorm: makes electricity move from its source as well as conjure a lightning storm
ψ-Blizzard: makes ice move from its source as well as send down a monsoon of ice

Okami: Shiranui goes from their maiden/warrior form to their wolf form and vice versa.
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Wakes up in Crimson's bed and looks did I end up in the bed...didn't I fall asleep on the couch last night? rubs head and attempts to sit up
( +Sarah Kanade​)
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