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When I die and they upload my consciousness to the net collective, there will likely be a simulation derived from the concept of FULL BLAST in my mind which is created and may be something like this...
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"The one who thinks over his sweetnesses most, and weaves them into systematic relations with each other, will be the one with the sweetest existence." - William James

"I've never been more nervous in my life than singing The Anthem for Sweetness at the Superbowl." - Kelly Clarkson

A recent story of sweetness: 

So I was home for thanksgiving busting with OG betties. I went to Smith's house to bust a hang out after the buddies' soccer game. Two other buddies, A-town and Dotson were gonna come over too, but went to the bars and wasted a bunch of time doing that. When they finally got to smith's at like 1:30am, dotson was laying on the couch ready to pass out. Andytown was busting a sit. 

Dotson asked smith what we had been busting while they were at the bars. Smith replied "Full blasting."

Dotson asked for clarification, "What do you mean 'full blasting'? Were you guys busting Halo?"

And then Andytown cuts in with pure insights, "I dunno, Dotson. Can you even describe FULL BLAST?" 

Welcome to the Google+ Sweetness Theory community, THE place to be for updates and debates on sweetness and FULL BLAST!!!
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