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Community Announcements (moderators only please)  - 
Check out the videos we've shared and been watching in the Plus Your Life community!

Soon we will have quizzes attached to these videos too!

TED talks
Alexis Ohanian: How to make a splash in social media

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story

Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

David Anderson: Your brain is more than a bag of chemicals

David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min

David Christian: The history of our world in 18 minutes

Denise Herzing: Could we speak the language of dolphins?

Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself

Elon Musk: The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity ...

TEDxJaffa - Dr. Haim Shapira - Games People Play

Jason Fried: Why work doesn't happen at work

John McWhorter: Txtng is killing language. JK!!!

Juan Enriquez at TEDMED 2010

Keith Chen: Could your language affect your ability to save money?

Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology

Miguel Nicolelis: A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really.

Nilofer Merchant: Got a meeting? Take a walk
Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

Rachel Botsman: The currency of the new economy is trust

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

Ruby Wax: What's so funny about mental illness?

Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread

ShaoLan: Learn to read Chinese ... with ease!

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

TEDxAtlanta - Sally Hogshead - How to Fascinate

TEDxBoulder - Peter McGraw - What Makes Things Funny

TEDxNewSt - Thomas Power - The Future of Social Networks

Terry Moore: Why is 'x' the unknown?

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

What Aristotle and Joshua Bell can teach us about persuasion - Conor Neill

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

RSA Animate
RSA Animate - 21st Century Enlightenment

RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms

RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

RSA Animate - Language as a Window into Human Nature

RSA Animate - Superfreakonomics

RSA Animate - The Divided Brain

RSA Animate - The Power of Networks

RSA Animate - The Power of Outrospection

RSA Animate - The Truth About Dishonesty

RSA Shorts - The Power of Quiet

What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Us About Decision Making - Maria Konnikova

A New Theory of Time - Lee Smolin

Are We Too Busy?

Brain Tricks - This Is How Your Brain Works

Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment

Eric Schmidt & Jared Cohen - The New Digital Age

Jonah Lehrer: How We Decide 1/5

Jonah Lehrer: How We Decide 2/5

Jonah Lehrer: How We Decide 3/5

Jonah Lehrer: How We Decide 4/5

Jonah Lehrer: How We Decide 5/5

Psychology And Advertising

Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Pt. 1

Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind Pt. 2

Are you past oriented or future oriented.

Science Of Persuasion

Solve for X: Mary Lou Jepsen on imaging the mind's eye

The Marshmallow Study Revisited

The Science of Lucid Dreaming

The Scientific Power of Music

The Scientific Power of Thought

What Is The Universe?


Zig Ziglar - Prime the Pump
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+Георги Георгиев well volunteered! :D
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Irfan Ahmad

Inspirational Quotes  - 
"Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now."

H/t +Rebekah Radice 
Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.

Don't wait!

Make the most of every moment and create the life you dream of.

Life is too short to live in fear or with regret. Get active and design your future!

Pin it for later:

#motivation   #inspiration   #quoteoftheday  
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that was sad your dad passways 
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martin shervington

Wednesday  - 
Making a different in 100 days.
I love this stuff too. Maybe we will do a PYL challenge? ;)
I love this kind of stuff: girl does push-ups for 100 days
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I took a bunch of 'before' shots a couple of months ago before the diet started but all my time lapse video would show is me getting bigger! I just bought the Adobe Elements bundle to play more with video... i might try time lapse with my strawberry plants, they are so cool and growing like grass!
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Having multiple dreamboards help you in gaining clarity in your visualization. Having a visualization schedule makes sure you do not skip any aspect of your vision while visualizing. 
Here are all my six #dreamboards and also my #visualization schedule!

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Be Prepared                                                  
Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities all around you. New opportunities come along every day. BE PREPARED.
Success is not dependent on just access to opportunity as it is to the amount of preparation that has preceded the access to opportunity. BE PREPARED.
Preparation is not usually exciting. In the short term it can be tedious, boring and uninspiring. Yet it can pay off in huge ways.
When you are prepared, you will thrive in the good times. When you are prepared, you can survive In the difficult times. BE PREPARED.
Don’t just wish you could be lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. You’ll recognize the right road that will take you to the right place if you are PREPARED.
It seems I’m always referencing this quote. But there are none better to emphasize my point.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”
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Good day everyone!
I think some of you may appreciate this hangout, coming up Friday from +Elephant Journal :D
Join Walk the Talk Show, Friday, April 18th, at 12 pm MDT, as Waylon talks with Venerable Chhoje Tulku Rinpoche, founder of Denver’s Padmasambhava Meditation Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Elephant Journal. The live video broadcast will begin soon.

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Glenn Watt

Sunday - Weekly Goals!  - 
Searching for my future within my past
The goal for this week will be a challenge

While tossing around ideas of possible new directions for myself, I turned to read the writing of my friend John. In the post linked here, John encourages the reader to look the the past to see how decisions made then may have clues to directions for the future.

This is where the challenge lies for me. The majority of my past is in the past for a reason. I had spent most of my years in the throes of substance abuse, with no regard to accountability or consequence. Decisions made were impulsive, selfish, and begat of fear.

However, John got me thinking and searching for more. Even within the darkness of addiction, I can see points of light and inspiration. Harnessing these points to explore further, I am hoping, will reveal more about great potential for my future.

Give John a read. Hopefully you can find the kind of inspiration you may be looking for.

#inspiration #past #future #direction
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martin shervington

Sunday - Weekly Goals!  - 
If you read the content of the lists very slowly, you'll see many of the components for your flow state too...
And I hope you are enjoying your Sunday PYLers :D
Thanks +Denis Labelle 
Live Life at the Limits: How to Hack Your Flow
#WellnessWeekend ->

"Flow states have triggers—i.e., pre-conditions that lead to more flow. and they fall into four categories–psychological, environmental, social, and creative:

Environmental Triggers
. High consequences
. A rich environment
. Deep embodiment

Psychological Triggers
. Clear goals
. Immediate feedback
. The challenge/skills ratio

Social Triggers
. Serious concentration; shared, clear goals; good communication 
. Equal participation and an element of risk
. Familiarity
. Blending egos
. Sense of control
. Close listening
. Always say yes

Creative Triggers
. Creativity

Image via +Yuko Nakamura and +Lolë Women 
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raghu ram

Discussion  - 
The Planet Earth is You! 

The sole purpose of this video is to raise awareness among humans on the state of our planet. It is a reminder that there is still time for us to do something about it. There is time for us to act. We should not let our indifference about the world take over. Let us help conserve our planet.

This powerful video was made by Carlos Chavira and shared on his You Tube page. Some of the images are graphic but the video is powerful. SHARE this message RIGHT NOW because there is still time to save our planet.
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its very nice and informative video, i m sharing too
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Learn, grow and reflect. 3 words that lend themselves to the improvement of both life and work. #learn   #grow   #reflect  
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martin shervington

Sunday - Weekly Goals!  - 
In essence, mindfulness (as opposed to 'concentration practice') enables the subject to view an object as 'other' than itself, hence differentiating the 'I' from the 'me'...
#vipassana   #mindfulness  
How mindfulness meditation helps pretty much everything
Mindfulness meditation basically gives you superpowers. Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But modern psychology is telling us what the Buddha knew 2,500 years ago and Buddhists have known...
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I am a big fan of mindfulness meditation, but sadly it has yet to give me super powers. I'll keep trying . . .
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Create Your Thing Dream
Well it's totally long time since I visited this community, a lot of things happened and I am so happy to see people still active in this community. 
When I joined this community, our member still very few compared to right now. It's a process with lots of hard work from all of the members especially +martin shervington who allocated tons of his time back then. To bring back the spirit of it, I would like to share the video that I found interesting and might brighten the day for people who are looking to create their own thing. (I know a lot of you think about doing it)

So, I hope you enjoy the video and can involve more like I did in the past with Plus Your Life.
#plusyourlife   #entrepreneurship   #process  
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thanks but I dont wanna join
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Basel Dayyani

Personal Development Playlists  - 
I recently wrote a book about improving one's life in extraordinary way. Please take a look at Kingdom Infinitum: The 7 Gates to Greatness. Follow the 7 Gates and you will attain greatness in your life in all dimensions.
Best Wishes to all,
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Have a great Tuesday PYL!
Weird stuff we all do in new relationships [video]
Ah, that golden age in a relationship when your brain is still loaded with pleasure-inducing chemicals and everything is great...except for these awkward things we're all guilty of. Pretending you ...
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Julianne Boyle

Google Plus Your Life!  - 
Dancing helps get the  good endorphines working
as does a little giggle

I can only echo the sentiments here.
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hema unnoop

Monday - Motivation  - 
5 Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People
What is success? The definition of success differs from person to person. What you believe is success can be totally different to what I think about success. I believe success is more than just accumulating massive wealth and reputation.  Success is getting...
What is success? The definition of success differs from person to person. What you believe is success can be totally different to what I think about success. I believe success is more than just accumulating massive we...
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martin shervington

Saturday - Learning Plus  - 
A little something for you all!
7 ways to humble brag
No one likes a braggart. But darn it, if you've worked hard and accomplished a lot, don't you deserve to do a little bragging? Of course you do. But you don't want to seem like a jerk, so you have ...
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Irfan Ahmad

Inspirational Quotes  - 
"Positive thoughts are not enough. There have to be positive feelings and positive actions."

H/t +Adil Syed 
10 Things Positive People Don't Do

"Positive people don't have a magical power that you don't possess."

So what really makes positive people happy, fulfilled and filled with joy? via +Lifehack 

1. They Don’t Assume the Worst
2. They Don’t Resist the Truth
3. They Don’t Hold On To Resentment
4. They Don’t Forget the Little Things
5. They Don’t Pass the Buck
6. They Don’t See Problems as “Problems
7. They Don’t Resign Themselves to “Reality”
8. They Don’t Expect Something for Nothing
9. They Don’t Get Bored.
10. They Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Hijack Their Brain

Read it here:

Pin it to read later:

#motivation   #inspiration   #sundaymorning  
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Kriss Brooks

Personal Development Playlists  - 
Get Up!
Every setback affords you an opportunity to pick yourself up. When circumstances push you back, use that situation to develop strategies to push forward.
Sometimes setbacks can be downright devastating. And yet, if you stop and really listen to what’s happening inside you, at that moment, you can feel the raw energy, we all have, ready and waiting to be used to propel you in a positive direction. HEED THAT CALL!
I write all the times, and it’s true – with every failure comes opportunity. Don’t forget that.
Remember, your success doesn’t depend on how many times you fail but that you got back up and came back stronger than before.
“The more the bowstring is pulled back, the faster the arrow will fly.”
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Nice work from our fitness guru +Neila Rey
Congratulations to +Neila Rey for being featured on +Mashable today for her workout routines. She owns the Fitness Community in G+ ( which I help moderate. 
Fitness blogger Neila Rey combines geeky fandoms and highly motivational workouts in these pop culture inspire fitness routines.
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Congrats +Neila Rey .. and thanks for sharing this +martin shervington 
I hope you don't mind that I downloaded the images. Those are very interesting workouts. 
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