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Greece is fast asleep again...

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Human Name: Axle 
Gem Name: Tiger's Eye
Birth Place: The Kindergarten 
Age: //Gems are without an age but appears to be late teens?\\
Gender: Male
Personality: Out standish. 
Likes: Colors and all things odd
Dislikes: People with OCD.
Design(Color): Hair is a light brown. His eyes are a bright blue. The lines on the side of his face are; pink, turquoise,  purple, and orange. The necklace is black and his gem is the ordinate looking thing hooked it (But it isn't hooked to it.) Shirt is a gold color(the strips) with a white base. Pants are a white with gold strips as well.
Was once a jewel on a many colored ring. Fell down the drain in the sink and kind of just washed away to the ocean. After years of being pushed around around by the currents and other things in the ocean the clasps around the gem broke. Swimming to the surface happy to be out of this almost ever lasting trap. Looking around and heading for an icy island near by. Ending up near Greenland and swam to the shore. And just waiting near a cliff for just something to happen. Just waiting.
It was sometime before getting up and walking around. Slowed to a stop due to the snow and ice. Walking back to the shore deciding to just float around till something happened. Waded as far as he could into the water before starting to swim out far. When his legs an arms gave up he just floated around getting hit by many storms and other things. And now tends to float places but ended up on the shore of Beach City.
Cutie Mark:
A box with an explosion from the top. 
sorry that this is a Steven Universe OC. But I ponyfiyed it sooo

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Oliver: I love cupcakes~

she sits down in a corner
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