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Zayd ibn Haritha
Musab ibn Umayr
Abu Bakr As-Siddiq
Zayd ibn Haritha
Musab ibn Umayr

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
As salaam o Aleykum ww

Dear all Bros & Sisters (Ummah)
Please read till end.

So, after watching, listening and reading the many many condemnations of the Israeli atrocities against our brethren in Palestine, after seeing all the appeals for help from many organizations and people, this is the thought that came to mind:

until and unless, the collective ummah, does not STOP looking like kuffar, behaving like kuffar and supporting the kuffar activities, Allah azza wa jall will withhold HIS support. It is no use criticizing the jews if we have not changed our dressing, our entertainment and our culture to that of our beloved NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We cannot persist in supporting them thru watching their filth on t.v, wearing their haraam clothing and eating doubtful foods and then cry foul when they eat us alive! The change that is needed is not in Washington, tel aviv or London. It is in the homes, lounges and kitchens of every single reciter of the kalimah.

I challenge every one of u my brothers & sisters, throw out that evil evil box that damages our thinking, our morals and our imaan! Then we will see the help of Allah descend. If we behave like Muslims, then Allah has promised,'wa kaana haqqan alaynaa nasrul mumineen' 'It is a right upon us to help the believers'

Our brothers n sisters are suffering, what have REALLY done to invoke Allah's help???
Making propaganda and insulting jews is not helping, they r who they are.
The question is 'WHO ARE WE???????'

If you want to make a difference by 'Boycotting' then:-
Boycott israeli goods
Boycott VAT fraud
Boycott Tax evasion
Boycott Interest
Boycott Usary
Boycott benefit fraud
Boycott Alcohol
Boycott Tobacco
Boycott Drugs
Boycott mortgages
Boycott loans
Boycott Insurance
Boycott ALL Haraam earnings
Boycott ALL doutful/haraam food
Boycott EXTRAVAGANT holidays
Boycott zina of the eyes
Boycott zina of the tongue
Boycott zina of the ears
Boycott zina of 'social media'
Boycott haraam relationships
Boycott EXTRAVAGANT lifestyles
Boycott music
Boycott gheebat
Boycott slander
Boycott adultery
Boycott fornication
Boycott clubbing
Boycott going out without hijaab
Boycott going out without niqab
Boycott going out with makeup
Boycott going out with tight clothing
Boycott going out with the alcoholic perfume
Boycott travelling without mahram
Boycott intermingling of genders
Boycott disobedience of parents
Boycott disrespecting husband's
Boycott ill treating wives
Boycott Wasting hrs on whatsapp
Boycott wasting hrs on Twitter
Boycott wasting hrs on FB
Boycott spending hrs on PS3
Boycott leaving the SUNNAH
Boycott leaving the SHARIAH
If you are serious about changing the conditions of the UMMAH then Lets BOYCOTT fully, properly & completely..InshaAllah!!!

May Allah Give us the true understanding and grant us the Tawfeeq to practice and guide us on the true path till our final abode (Jannah) in Akhirah (Aameen آمِيْن )

Dear Friends and Family

Assalamu Alaikum WW.

I am writing to you to make aware of the special night during Ramadhan and achieve maximum Rewards.

Today is the beginning of Jumu'ah and could be #Laylatul-Qadr
and there's an opportunity you don't want to miss.

"Those who spend their wealth (in Allâh's Cause) by night and day, in secret and in public, they shall have their reward with their Lord. On them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." [Qur’an - 2: 274]

If you catch the Blessed night of Laylatul-Qadr while giving charity, it's as though you have given for 1000 months - that's over 83 years! It could be within these last 10 days, especially during the odd nights like tonight (9th July - 23rd night).

"The Night of Power is better than a thousand months." [Qur'an - 97:3]

You can help to complete Islamic Centre in Milton Keynes to make a lasting impact on the Ummah.

Please donate your Sadaqat Jariyah and multiply your rewards

A prayer Matt ( Muzallah) is only cost as little as £100. Buy 1 for you and Or Multiple for your parents or family. In Sha Allah Allah will rewards you in Aahira and Jannah.

You can also pay your donations directly into the following bank account:

To donate:

Account Name: ICMK
Account No: 50068551
Sort Code: 40-33-51
Bank: HSBC
IBAN :GB43MIDL40335150068551

Note :
A Live Appeal is being arranged on 12th July on Noor TV- SKY 812 from 8:00 PM- 12:00am, Insha Allah.

You can donate by calling the Donation Hotline on: 01216631242 during the Appeal

Watch the live appeal at


Islamic Centre, Milton Keynes known as SLMCFMK Is a registered Charity in UK Charity No: 1120439

With Kind Regards,
Jazeem A. Hameed

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Very Nice👍Information📜For Those Who
Don't Know About It!😇

Plz Share📧,Like👍 & Comment⬇

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AsSalamu Alaiqoum
brothers and sisters visit this page, you will find it helpful inshaALLAH

stay cool

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Its an awesome plan

Wish u all have a success full Ramadan!
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