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I was the "devil's daughter " , as that was what people at school knew me as. My black hair, slate gray eyes, pale skin covered in scars, and ripped and studded clothes always stood out in a crowd, though I was shunned. You, were a delinquent, and outcast at your old school. Now, due to your father's transfer you were starting school here. The first person you noticed out of the crowd was me. Something intrigued you about me.

you noticed how I was shunned, even the teachers didn't pay attention to me. You felt a sense of rage, which you didn't seem to understand. You watched as I wasn't even phased by it. You felt, an unexplainable urge to protect and be by my side. After school that day you saw me outside the school, smoking a cigarette and walking home. People avoided me like I was the bubonic plague. You...

((Rp name is Kaiya.))
((Ask first))
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I walk in after a long time away overseas to see what's been going on I look somewhat different but you can't quite put your finger on It

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Name: Sasuke Uchiha

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: human and a secret that he keeps hidden

Personality: very vigilant and barely smiles he will kill if he feels like it...

Likes: nothing really 

Dislikes: almost everything

Powers/Special Abilities: many abilities including the way of the ninja

Bio: his brother killed his family and entire clan and his mission is to kill him. he doesn't take any crap from most people. and he seeks power
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i am the most popular and most confusing person you've ever met and i have not been with anyone and you were trying to get me to notice you because you wanted to be popular. you wanted me to love you like you did me but you only wanted to do it for the popularity. later on you will realize that I'm the nicest person you've ever met

it was a Friday and i was walking around with my friends on campus near the football fields and a few girls are following us you decide to...
(open rp,)

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likes:singing dancing and drawing
dislikes:mean ppl

I'm back

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Lee Oliver Jones is walking down the hall, you're in this weird place as well. He is inspecting this note with all sincerity, scratching his hair as he goes along. He turns around and sees you, and says hello.

 [Open Role Play]

Name- Blade
Age- 15
Gender- Male
Species- Vampire werewolf hybrid
bio- unknown

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Lee Oliver Jones.
  Rank : Private
     Born : June 15th 2017
       Skills : Singing, Saber, Revolver

 Just a basic Infantryman. However his personality is rather intriguing, that's not an opinion. He can make almost anyone laugh. Almost anyone, there are those who have died on the inside. But don't get too close, it's been a while since he's drowned his head lice.

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Name: Jarick 

Nick Name: Shadow light

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Unknown. "True specie is human."

Eye Colors: Blue. "But they turn Lighter when the moon is out."

Hair Color: Black like darkness that is pitch dark without any whiteness.

Skin Color: White as pear white cloud or snow.

Personality: Mostly an good heart like person, who is always enjoys to explore things. Isn't afraid to show his bad side if not treated right. But he does have an soft heart when it comes to the beauty of the heart within others.

Likes: He mostly enjoys to have music playing and nature, crafting, building, engineering, blacksmith.

Dislikes: Bullies, jerks, players, abusers or ones who don't care about others, jerks, being ignored, having to fight then making piece.

Powers: MM: "MM is short or Moon Mind" This allows the person to bend the law of nature to break down or connect energy to one self to others and to make anything what the mind wants. 

Stuff or tools: Unknown Staff

Bio: He was mostly only to be found when an project on an island went back after about an week or more when the first person or team end up vanish without a treas of them. But the island was closed down when all sudden he was there without no one or sign of anyone coming upon the island as it was an secret project to help bend the law of nature. He end up being there and started to search around for things. But end up only to wanting to explore things as the family of his is an unknown as history doesn't show him to be real.
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