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The state transition diagram for Bulldozed by Christian Schmidt ( ). Bulldozed survived longer than any other p-switcher on the KOTH 94 hill :-)

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So I'm submitting stuff to the 94x hill and this good compile message comes back with an offer to translate it from Western Frisian to English ... whaaa?
But it had me thinking about the methodology Google uses for translation which is a big pattern matching neural net. It seems possible that it could be taught to describe warriors in English given their source code which would be sort of cool.

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I was having a look at John's Core War pages and I noticed that the decoy maker example only has a fixed formula. I used decoy makers extensively with some of the Kenshin variants and I came up with this code that uses PMars macro expansion.


decoy nop {B+1 , {B+2
mov.i {B+(S+3)*I , {(B+(S+3)*I+S+2)
djn.f NEXT, B

Probably well known or at least obvious to all the older players but may be interesting to newcomers.

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MARC - Memory Array Redcode Computer. CWS'88 Redcode implemented on a FPGA :-)

OK so I'm a 3D printing enthusiast and a newbie here at corewar so naturally I seek a way to combine my hobbies. This leads to the idea: can I make a core memory battleground for core war? Would it be possible to limit the address space to something that can be 3D printed in a reasonable amount of time?

I am sure I am only the millionth person who has this issue: Reading the various "standards" for Core War I am struck by the fundamental ambiguity between instructions and values. Some of the early simulators I looked at to figure out what's what seem to apply things like "ADD" only to the B field of the destination. For "MOV" of course they write the entire instruction instead. Shouldn't this be done consistently between instructions?

I am mostly asking because I am trying to hack my own implementation for use in a "intro to assembly" type class I am teaching. (I realize that in my setting, I can go either way and be happy enough. But it would be nice to have a implementation that would actually "measure up" to whatever the actual convention/standard is.)

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Software Gurus?

I would like to get involved in Core Wars, it's my kind of game!  My only concern is that I'm just an intermediate level hack at software, and I'll probably be up against Gurus on the top of the mountain here.  What's the background of a typical player and do I even stand a chance?

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Congratulations to Inversed who claimed first place with Borefest. Full results and entries will be available soon:

   1 - Borefest by inversed scores 390652
   2 - Leaflets everywhere by inversed scores 329838
   3 - Kibble-2 by SilverWingedSeraph scores 300867
   4 - Eight flute REAMer by Steve Gunnell scores 269952
   5 - Bicarb Soda by Steve Gunnell scores 211375
   6 - easter replinator by Christian Schmidt scores 198636
   7 - Noqua by Roy van Rijn scores 197170
   8 - MultiFast by Zul Nadzri scores 185493
   9 - grasshopper by simon wainwright scores 54055
  10 - Train by Erki scores 49113

Here are the results from the Easter Core War Tournament qualifier.  The top 10 warriors will advance to the final: 

Borefest by inversed scores 478750 
Bicarb Soda by Steve Gunnell scores 195299 
MultiFast by Zul Nadzri scores 147044 
Eight flute REAMer by Steve Gunnell scores 142725 
Leaflets everywhere by inversed scores 140844 
Kibble-2 by SilverWingedSeraph scores 128738 
Noqua by Roy van Rijn scores 92765 
easter replinator by Christian Schmidt scores 82428 
grasshopper by simon wainwright scores 78205 
Train by Erki scores 67095 

Gatling by Roy van Rijn scores 50125 
Easter Ghoul by S.Fernandes scores 36409 
rdrc: Sclerotic Tumult by Dave Hillis scores 33943 
Blade by Erki scores 32554 
easter C three by Christian Schmidt scores 30323 
FORWARD FACTORY by Ana scores 26945 
Macarena by Azúcar moreno scores 22369 
rdrc: Brisk Butchery by Dave Hillis scores 18395 
The Easter Feaster by /u/caw_wor scores 18185 
Jack Marshall by inverse alien scores 14331 
Gazpacho by xehartnort scores 11474 
ANA VIRUS by Ana scores 7531 
Salamander by S.Fernandes scores 5327

I'm pleased to see a couple of new players in the top ten :-)
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