Here is a Precure Team for this
RaRaRa! Precure! See my post for more info

I want to be in it

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This community is moved! Because from the past, GoAnimate users watched this communtiy, so i decited to move this community, But here is the link ->

But please no Goanimate users please!

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I Know This Is Not PreCure Related But They Will Appear In PreCure Adventures Crystal Lights Alongside With The Others, Anyways Here Is Papika/Pure Barrier And Cocona/Pure Blade's Transformation! Note: Besides Cure Is Pure And The Series Is Called Flip Flappers, If Any Of You Guys Is Interested With It

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The cures and mascot from Kira Kira confrimed!
Cure Whip (キュアホイップ Kyua Hoippu)
Cure Custard (キュアカスタード Kyua Kasutādo)
Cure Gelato (キュアジェラート Kyua Jerāto)
Cure Macaron (キュアマカロン Kyua Makaron)
Cure Chocolat (キュアショコラ Kyua Shokora)

Pecoline (ペコリン Pecorin)

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It's here! Get ready for Kira Kira!

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The Sneak Peek Of The Next PreCure Adventures Travel The World Episode! Guess Who Is Holding Potpourri? Hint: She Is From Ojamajo Doremi

Happy birthday Riko/Cure Magical!
~Precure Heroes

We Just Confirmed A Brand New PreCure Adventures Season For 2017! It Is Called: PreCure Adventures: Crsytal Lights! The New Season Will Be Featuring Newcomers Soon!:
Kira Kira PreCure A La Mode (A New PreCure Season For 2017!)
Flip Flappers
Twin Angel Break
Puyo Puyo
Super Mario Bros.
Sonic The Hedgehog
Mega Man
Crash Bandicoot
Aikatsu Stars
Happy Tree Friends
Yokai Watch
Angry Beavers
Let's Hope! PreCure (A Fan Made PreCure Series By +Kurai Darkness)
Cosmic Stars PreCure (A Fan Made PreCure Series By Me)
Regal Academy
Danganronpa V3
Balala The Fairies: Over The Rainbow
Also, We Will Confirm More News About Those Other Series's Soon! And The New PreCure Season As Well! Bye And See You Next Time!
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