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+Funtime Freddy​ listen as I tell u my dream called " an unsuspected visit on an unsuspected vacation "

" One day me, my mom, my brother, my cousin, my grandma, and my aunt were getting off a plane for a vacation at a state I never heard of. After we got to the house we were staying at, I decided to look around. The house had many stories and many rooms. That night I had my door closed while I was sleeping, but then I heard tiny footsteps. Thinking it was an imposter, I kept the door closed. The next morning , I told my family what I heard, but they didn't believe me.

The 2nd night I waited for the footsteps, and when I heard them, I slightly opened the door and saw a baby-like figure out there. Then it turned its head to me and started running towards the door, so I quickly closed the door. The next morning I told my family what I saw, but they still didn't believe me.

The 3rd night my mom and aunt were going somewhere and my grandma stayed with me, my brother, and my cousin. We decided to play hide and seek so I went up all the flights of stairs until I reached a dead end that only had a small space near the ground. It had a steel door with holes in it, but it was still a good hiding place. It took a while for them to find me.

Later that night, I woke up to find the baby-like figure. I went to the living room downstairs and there she was, standing in the middle of the living room, with her backside towards me. She didn't know I was down there until I tripped. And for a minute or 2, I was staring into her big, lavender colored eyes. Then I started running and the baby-like figure chased me. On the 3rd floor she fell and I kept running while thinking " where do I hide? " that was when I remembered the little hiding place.

I kept running til I finally got to the hiding place so I hid there and closed the steel door. When the baby-like figure found me up there, she tried opening the steel door. The first 2 times I successfully closed it on her, but then the 3rd time she was stronger than me and was able to open the door! That was when....


the baby-like figure killed me. After I died, I woke up. The end "

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