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This Community..I work to get it active now

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Brother I have to say it that this is a long dead community XD I forgot about this until today 

i dunno if you can post other communities here, if not then i'll delete it:3

If you guys know this book/movie, join dis! Its a rp/hangout/whatever you want to do ((besides cyberbully)) community. I made it last night..its my second community. 

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Name: Alex

Age: 17 15 irl

Gender: Male female irl

Sentence: unknown

Crime: Murder/Stealing/Rape

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: Guards/Police

Appearance: he has green eyes/Brown hair/Hes 5'6/Weights 109.

Personality: unknown

Skills: killing/beating/shooting

Bio: When Alex was a kid, he'd spend time with his parents, he'd play football/soccer/basketball/baseball with his dad and he'd help his mom around the house..what he didnt know was that his dad had a drinking/smoking problem and his mom had a gambling problem. But they didnt abuse him or anything, but one night, he was staying in a friends house. His dad was sober and the dad had gotten his wife also sober, so the dad drove home. But they didnt make it home, they got into a accident and died, the next morning, Alex went home and looked around for his parents..they werent home. So he checked outside and when the neighbors come out, they ran to him and told him about his parents. He bawled his eyes out and he just ran away from his town. Ever since that day, he just forgot about it and he'll bawl his eyes out if he talks about it. But anyways, some person was talking about his parents. He grabbed a knife, and stabbed the person. Then afterwards, he took the body back home and then raped it. His neighbor noticed the smell and they found the dead body. Called the cops and here he is.
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Hi people.

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Name:death girl
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Class: Murderer
Weapons: Guns and Swords
Likes:, Listening music and Killing
Dislikes: Police
Bio: (Classified) 

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is on a hill waiting for everyone for the prison takeover again there late... 
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