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Name: Jay
Age: 19
Race: Human
Alliance: Jedi
Class: Padawan almost Knight
Bio: Found as a newborn in the Jedi temple of Tatooine when her sister took her there, they called her Jay and Master Luke Skywalker personally trained her until a new knight stepped up to train her.
Home Planet (where she was found): Tatooine

Hey +Mazy Lynn, I noticed you're new update character looks like mine. Wanna have our characters be sisters? 

Jay watches as people flee the planet, Sith battleships close in around the Capitol City of Corellia. As stormtroopers begin firing, Jay takes action...

Anyone wanna RP here? +Jakob Thomas? +Logan Thompson , anyone?

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Name: Chris 
Age: 23
Race: Human
Alliance: Rouge
Class: Rouge Jedi/Sith
Bio: No one really knows
Home Planet: Hoth

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Name~ Emma Conner
Age~ 29
Alliance~ Jedi
Class~Former trooper, currently bounty hunter for Jedi
Bio~ Classified
Home Planet~ Hoth

plasma and laser shots fly through the sky as troopers advance on the cold ground of hoth. Imperial agents move into a defensive position around a giant building. The sith transport lands and opens as the Jedi move forward to support the troopers (war RP)

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Name (full): Carthanage Tren Firemit
Age: 32
Alliance: Jedi
Class: Trooper (vangaurd)
Bio: unknown
home planet (must be one listed): Hoth
physical description (or picture):
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