If you'd like to show some support for fiber internet in Huntsville, feel free to come on down to the AL.com building downtown at 12:30pm today! Tyler England will be interviewing with a few others about fiber internet in Huntsville, Launch Fiber, and more. We'd love to see you out there!
#LaunchFiber #Huntsville  

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Do we as a community have any metrics, or goals that we can use as a baseline to evaluate the RFP that the Mayor is going to release... How do we as a community say yes this is what we thought it would mean to have a 'gig-city' or are we just going to take what we get, no questions asked

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The State of the fiber state.... informative talk.

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So has anyone heard from the City's and Huntsville Utilities' broadband consultant... any requests for public input... any word at all? Any action of getting a map of fiber assets? Have we gone dark again?

Let do this Huntsville!

i heartily endorse this company or product.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to Launch Fiber's G+ Community. We will post updates and news stories here and all over our other social media platforms.

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