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Hey guys, I've been gone for a while. Just in case you didn't know my alternate profiles are +Karma Police, +Anime Dexter Planet, and +Asuya Wenson. They are all me. I want to promote around ten people to moderator to keep this community going and I'm making +Jasmine Evans the ONLY OWNER besides me of course. This will be after I reorganize this community so that it has a little bit better system. I promise I will not delete any posts. But when I leave, unless I come back, +Jasmine Evans can do anything she wants with this community. So please welcome your new owner. Thank you for being a part of this community.

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All he could feel was another knife stabbing him in the back as he heard her say it--admit that all the rumors were true. His hands were still latched onto her shoulders like a spider to its web. But like every web, he put his heart into savoring it and realized it was all for nothing. His hands were shaking and the words played again like a broken record.
"I didn't mean for it to happen. I was drunk. We were all drinking. I just had too much and..."
Dana waited for him to answer, knowing that he wasn't going to. What could he have said?
"Rick! Please, answer me! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
He still looked her in the eye. He wasn't listening though. All he could picture was Dana having her hands around Gray, Rick watching as they tore their clothes off and making love to each other.
"You can be angry. You can yell. I won't blame. Just say something."
Suddenly, she felt the shiver of his hands. Rick let go, his breath unsteady, beginning to walk away. Dana reached for him but it seemed like he'd fallen away in the distance and when he turned back for a moment, just at the door, a tear streamed down his face. She could hear the doornob rattle then he opened it and looked ahead so he wouldn't think about turning back again. With the slam of the door, Dana gasped in a breath, her hand still out. It was over. Goodbye Rick.

Dana studded through the kitchen, a cigarette in her shaky hand. It seemed to be tapped to her finger for it was a miracle she never dropped it. She walked past the sink where one of Rick's old ties, blue plaid, slouched as it barely laid over the edge of the counter. She hit her leg on a dining chair. She spit out muttered cuss words and pushed the chair aside. Her feet bare, greased on the tile. She felt her clumsiness split her legs for a moment and cause her to slip and bang the back of her head on the floor. She rustled, letting go of her cigarette. She grinded her teeth, clinging both hands to her temples. Her vision scrambled like television interference. She stretched up and went to sit in a chair, her sight clearing, but her head throbbing. She started to see him--Rick standing over her, the same crushed expression on his face. He was never upset, never angry. It was like all of his fears had broken him into little tiny pieces. 'again... not again' his eyes pleaded. 'betrayal, lies, broken promises.' What's the difference?' his eyes cried. She could hear his voice. She could hear the words he never spoke, never would speak.
"I don't trust you."

With the slam of the door, Rick sighed out a breath that caused more tears than he'd ever shed to flood down his cheeks. He walked down the sidewalk at what looked like at least eleven at night. The rusty road acted like ashes as Rick felt like everything he owned--no, everything he loved, had burned to the ground. But he kept walking. He thought what he wanted was for all his problems to go away, but what he want--needed, was someone or even something he could believe. Anything or anyone he could trust.
Before he knew it, he was home. No, home was too strong. It was his crib--the place where he was locked away for sleep and tried to stay away from. He walked up to the second floor, apartment 122. He couldn't remember much from the night before, but when he took out his keys, he felt some sort of dejá vu. He put the key in the lock and turned it. It came back to him more clearly than before.

Gray patted him on the back with a tiny smile at the corner of his mouth and asked him if he wanted to go to a party. Rick was already tired, but Gray begged him to come along. Rick had just unlocked the door when he gave in and said he was going to change. Gray protested that there was no time.
"How about we get your girlfriend to come to. Dana is definitely a prize winner. You shouldn't be afraid to show up with her. Come on. When's the last time you two got wasted."

Rick's fingers seemed to clench a fist around the doornob. Had Gray planned it? Or forced Dana to do it. Rick let go of the handle, stepping away from the door. Or had they planned it together.
*Rick ran and ran until his legs cramped and his feet went numb and he could barely breath. Then he kept running. After what felt like miles, he couldn't feel a muscle in his body, his legs faltering. He fell, his arms grinding the ground and his face scraping the pavement. He quickly stood up for what strength he had left. Run, run, or run! That's all he could hear in his head. But for a moment he hesitated. He saw a metal winding line of stairs and ladders reaching up the side of the building, leading to the roof. Rick wiped any tears that were left in his eyes and began to climb. Still the voice in his head grew louder.
RUN, RUN, OR RUN! He continued to pull himself up and up. He grabbed the rim with fire burning his flesh. He reached his hands up and dragged himself to the top. He stood up for the last time, praying that he would trade even the use of his legs for just one person to trust. Rick went slowly to the other side of the building. It seemed as if the world was waiting for him... to run... no, to jump. He took a step onto the edge. His breath steadied, the only hope holding him back... gone.

A voice stopped him. He turned back, someone standing there behind a shadow.


Thanks for reading my role-play. Here's a rough starter inspired by Anton Svensson's The Father. You don't need permission to start, but here's a quick background. Please read it if you have any confusions.

Ricky Allen (Rick) has a corrupted family and has been betrayed by many of his friends, including, now, his roommate Grayson Fisher (Gray) and also his girlfriend Dana Carne who cheated with Grayson while supposedly drunk. Ricky thinks that it's possible that Dana purposefully had sex with Grayson and they were both in on it. When he starts to really believe it, he can't accept the truth and hears words that (unbeknownst to him) his mother used to say ("Run, run, or run!").
He began to interpret the words in a different way hinting to the reader that his mother spoke those words also to herself (meaning she meant that she should either run away from her husband, run away from her problems, or run away from her life--kill herself).

Thanks again. Ask any questions if you're still confused.


Hi everyone! I'm the Mod here as you can obviously tell anyways if you need any help at all just let me know I'm here to help you all and make roleplaying here as awesome as possible! Tag me if you have any questions or concerns thank you so much for joining our little roleplay group.

Happy roleplaying


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(Romance rp)
You do know he won't come for you right? Eris the goddess of chaos looked at young 18 year old who was currently in chains hanging against the wall with her face down, her short black hair covering her tan face. Her name is Jasmine a thief who got her ass kidnapped by the goddess before her. Looking up at Eris Jasmine's once bright brown eyes that held her adventurous, mischievous, and cocky personality were dull and no sign of joy was shown. She glared at the goddess her hands turning fist as she lunged at the goddess. Eris smirked and cackled grabbing her chin. no one can save you...not even that prince of yours thief... with that the goddess left leaving the girl to sulk. Hoping that this nightmare will end. 'I wanna sail with my family, my crew, my dog, and him' she wants to feel the sun again to smell and hear the ocean...and most of all to see (y/n) again.

(Open to a male please state name upon entering)

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(open roleplay)
I walk through the city as the common folk pass by me.  Out of the corner of my eye I see troopers, I pulled my hood down and rush into a run down house.  Hoping that they won't find me here.

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Well I'm just outa school
Like I'm real real cool
Gotta dance like a fool
Got the message that I gotta be
A wild one
Ooh yeah I'm a wild one

Yes Sora yelled as she ran out of the academy she just graduated and is off to work at the best mechanic in all of Ikebukuro as she walked to her bike she saw a note saying 'your my wild one' . she shrugged toss the note to the side and started her bike driving to her job. Hearing wolf whistles from the guys.

Gotta break it loose
Gonna keep 'em movin' wild
Gonna keep a swingin' baby
I'm a real wild child

sora got there waving hi to her coworker y/n who went to school with her. she got to work on a bike humming a tune. She cant wait to tell her brother the great news. Or her best friends.

Well, I'm a real wild one
An' I like a wild fun
In a world gone crazy
Everything seems hazy
I'm a wild one
Ooh yeah I'm a wild one

Sora and y/n were just about to go home after a pretty slow day at work. Sora got on her bike as y/n taped her shoulder Yea what's up? she asked you curious I um wanted to know if you could come to my party tomorrow she smirked and nodded ruffling his hair I would love to and with that Sora drove off quickly leaving a blushing y/n.

Gotta break it loose
Gonna keep 'em movin' wild
Gonna keep a swingin' baby
I'm a real wild child

(Open male needed)
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Name: Trinity Pitch  
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: Mysterious, Protective, Loyal, Cunning, Sassy, Cocky
Flaws: she only trusts her crew and sometimes attacks people she doesn't know, she jumps to conclusions often, 
Abilities: Invisibility, can see in the dark
Weapon(s): claws, scythe
Likes: Water, Ejra (Arja, Arza, Ezra) her crewmates, drawing, writing, music
Dislikes: Fire, Empire, anything dry, being stuck in one place too long
Race: Asimenio Dermatos (Silver Skin)
Bio: (long story short) The Empire burned down her tribe and family after that she and her (adoptive) sister, Cyrinity, ran away.  They joined up with a crew called 'The Black Star' but shortly after Cyrinity is captured.  Trinity stays with the crew so she'll be able to have allies to save her sister.
Family: Parents: Unknown, Adoptive sister: Cyrinity, 
Crew: Captain Camari, Jzora, Dex, Manneko, Shahara, Ezra, Iris
Theme: Fur Elise, Starlight

name: takeo takehiko
age: 23
weaponry: hs2000, dual katanas
bio: he was once a orphaned kid when he was just a new born then a mob boss adopted him and once he was 5 he was trained the martial arts of combat then when he was 10 he learned the arts of a ninja speed and agility.

(open rp)
he would be training in the woods with his katana increasing his speed
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