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Kael abandonó la carretera desviándose hacia la playa. La moto se detuvo casi en la arena. Leo fue el primero en bajarse, sus piernas algo adormiladas. Se quitó el casco liberando su cabello, refrescando su rostro y contemplando el Sol en una neblina anaranjada. Sus piernas dieron varios pasos sobre la arena, queriendo sentir vívidamente la maravillosa escena que veía por primera vez. Era casi perfecto.

Se detuvo a pocos centímetros de que las olas pudieran tocar sus zapatos. Los crujidos de pisadas viniendo detrás fueron insuficientes para sacarlo del éxtasis visual. Kael se paró a su lado. Viendo a lo que él veía susurró: – “Me gustaría ver la puesta de sol junto a alguien a quien quiera” Ese era uno de tus grandes sueños ¿Cierto? –
Acercandose a Leo cap 11
Acercandose a Leo cap 11

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Please give a mini bio/profile about your character if possible.
It’s preferred that your character is a cop or detective, they can be a superhero if they’d like to be.
Anything is allowed except for killing off your character or my character, near death is fine.
Any position is allowed in all honesty so please state if seme, seke, or uke. It can get as kinky as you’d like, except for blood or any scat.
The art is all of Catlad Tim Drake, all art belongs to their original owners.
This is a long rp but it can start however you’d like it to. It’s preferred to build up to any hentai if you’d like to include it but if you want it can start off like that.

”After all we’ve been through you still want to turn me in? I’m hurt! Or is it that you want a bit of fun? That I can provide!”

You growled softly as you ran as fast as you could to catch up to the person who was acting as if this was a game, despite the number of jewels that they stole was worth over 100,000. The male quickly climbed up the building as he giggled peeking over the edge, his sapphire eyes full of mischief as he winked at you, his voice changed from playful to sultry. ”I might even give you a reward if you catch me.” He winked before waving bye as you huffed softly, quickly making your way to the roof of the building. Not that you wanted the reward, you just wanted to catch him is all. Once you arrived you glanced down to see the bag which he used to carry the items he stole tonight with a note in cursive writing pinned to it. Sorry little birdie, I guess you won’t get that reward but there’s always next time. Can’t wait to see you soon. -Stray At the end with his signature was a heart and cat head. You grabbed the bag that he left seeing that he only left half of what he stole was left inside which meant he took the rest. Looking around one last time to see if he was around, you were certain he was done for the night. You’ll get him eventually, but today you had to get back to the station but you thought about the feline themed criminal, or Stray as that’s his alias.


You just moved to new city for a new life. You noticed that the city was like any other, it had small crimes or large heists but nothing that was unusual well not until one night there was an alarm going off at a museum at the far east side of the city. Thankfully you were out so you hurried over there before frowning as you noticed the police starting to go in, but from the corner of your eyes you saw something blurry jumping from the roof of the museum to the next building’s roof. Maybe if you blinked, you would’ve thought that it was just you but you quickly made your way to the roof certain that whatever or whoever that was didn’t see you. And you were right. The person you noticed was wearing a leather catsuit, his ‘tail’ was a whip, he had a belt with who knows what and another pouch behind his right thigh, he wore a cap and goggles as he lifted his hands to examine the pharaohs necklace he just stole. His hands were covered by clawed gloves. You watched as he chuckled softly before putting it into a bag attached to his hip getting ready to jump roofs again but you quickly got up before he could. His head snapped towards you as he tilted it, you couldn’t see his eyes but you knew you were being examined.

“Who are you? I haven’t seen you around...Well that doesn’t matter. I know when I’m beat, take me away officer.” His voice was honey, it sounded so sweet as if he was singing, but before you could reach him he suddenly turned and jumped. Your feet soon carried over as you tried your best to follow him but he was so light on his feet that you were falling behind but you wouldn’t stop. It wasn’t until he jumped at a wider gap that you had to stop then take a running start to the next roof that you lost him. Panting softly, you glanced around curiously before gasping as you felt yourself get wrapped up with a whip.

“So you did jump too….Interesting, no one dared to follow me this far….” A sharp tug made you fall down as you tried your best to sit up as he took his time to get to you from walking to crouching to crawl over you as he pushed you back. His legs straddled you slowly as he pressed his body flush against yours lifting his goggles giving you a view of his sapphire eyes, full of interest, curiosity, and a bit of admiration. “Hm, well I would normally knock you out if you were someone else but you’ve caught my eye. I’ll let you take this but I get something in return.” He placed the bag next to your head but before you could get a word out his lips pressed against yours as his hands cupped your face. You wiggled feeling the whip loosen as he deepened the kiss, biting your lower lip before he purred. “You are going to be fun, see you soon little birdie!” He quickly flipped away letting his whip wrap around his waist as he disappeared from you. At least you got the jewels.

The thing that bothered your coworkers and confused you was that he was so interested in you. If anyone else chased him he would lose them in seconds but with you he’d tease you, call you over, wait for you before running again, sometimes just like the first time if you caught him or if he caught you he’d do something to distract you. He would talk, sensually at times such as ‘Ooh, handcuffs. I thought that we’d build up to this, but I can’t deny if you’re this kinky. I am too’, kiss you, once when you caught him he leaned resting his head against your thighs which made you stiffen as you told him to stop and since he made you focus on his head you didn’t noticed that his claws were busy picking his handcuffs. He quickly escaped but not before he blew you a kiss as he laughed while running away. Stray one day when he caught you promised that he’d just steal small things, nothing big because although it was fun to steal he never wanted to get on your bad side. Never did you think he was someone who could be good until a certain case.

”It’s been an hour since the people were taken as hostages inside of the bank. The police are planning to infiltrate right now. There are women, men, elderly inside so they must be of utmost careful to not give away their position. We hope that everything will be alright.”

It’s been around five months since you’ve been in the city and right now you were at a bank making your way into the bank but as soon as you all snuck in you noticed that the hostages were all in the lobby, tied up and taped distressed with the man nowhere in sight. You all quickly helped them out of their restraints before listening as they all spoke at once screaming telling you to hurry as he had left with a boy. The mother rushed forward showing you a picture of the boy who had messy blonde hair and hazel eyes before you all hurried to find him checking the perimeters. Everyone felt tense as they got intel that he was on the run towards five blocks south west of where you all were. The entire squadron rushed into their cars driving orderly but frantically to go save the boy. Once you arrived at the location where he was last spotted, everyone hurried to search around before someone pointed up at the roof where the gunman held the boy close to his body. ”I won’t go to jail you hear me?! If so much as one cop comes up this kid’s going to get it!” The boy teared up but kept silent as his eyes were screaming for help. The man glanced up to see a helicopter, his eyes widened as he suddenly pushed the boy to the edge of the roof. Everyone screamed as everything went in slow motion, the boy’s tears finally slipped as he shrieked in fear, people running with outstretched hands to catch him but no one was close enough.

Suddenly a crack rang through the noise, the boy was caught mid-air. Stray panted heavily as he held on tightly to the boy landing safely on the ground, every cop lifted their guns pointing it at the feline but no one shot as the boy clinged onto him for dear life. The feline in return rubbed his head soothingly, his voice low and calming. “I know kitten, I know. Let it all out. I’m here, it’s okay to cry. That bad man will pay for what he did to you...What’s your name kitten? Adrien? You were a brave boy Adrien. It’s okay, I’ve got you. I know, you’ll be back with your mommy soon.” Everyone stayed frozen, watching as the boy was now only sniffling calmly. The cat burglar stood slowly as he kissed the boy’s forehead before his eyes went up to the roof. No one dared to say a word, the playful expression that was always on Stray was gone. His expression was stoic, but his goggles hid his true feelings. “Stay here kitten, these people will take you back to your mommy. I’ve got a rat to catch.” With another crack he pulled himself up to the roof as paramedics hurried to the boy leading him elsewhere while you and a few others hurried up to the roof not wanting to find a dead body.

The man deserved it many thought, but only justice could take his fate into its hands not another criminal. Once you were all up you watched as Stray kicked the man to the water tower. The robber was already bruised, scratched, his throat had thin markings which you knew was from the whip. The man begged for mercy as he slid down onto his knees, trembling from fear as the feline walked so slowly you knew it was an intimidation tactic. “Do you think you deserve it after what you did to Adrien? I don’t.” He let his claws retract as his fingers curled into a fist ready to strike again before you quickly grabbed his shoulder. You didn’t know how you made it there, but you felt your blood run cold as those sapphire eyes that would usually have a gleam of flirtatiousness as well as curiosity, now burned with murderous intent. His eyes trailed down to your hand as he then looked at the man before taking a step back as he shrugged you hand off.

No one moved as they watched what he was going to do. It was so silent you were certain that if a pin was dropped you’d hear it. He simply leaned against you as the others, once they were certain the feline wasn’t going to attack them, moved to arrest the unconscious man. Stray gripped onto you tightly as he murmured softly. “I’m so sorry you had to see me like that little birdie. I just, hate when children are hurt. They didn’t do anything wrong...Sure some could be brats at time but no child deserves to see their lives flash before their eyes. That man, he better have life in prison….Thank you for stopping me. I should’ve left him to you.” His eyes soon met yours as you could see that he was being completely honest. He pecked your lips gently before leaving. After that you invited him to your home to talk as you wanted to learn more about him. You would listen to him tell you about how he’d visit Adrien. Apparently the little boy now sees Stray as his hero and drew him a picture, even bought him a matching bracelet with a black cat on it. He showed you proudly before he sighed softly as he leaned against you as he murmured. “It’s funny, Adrien called me a Robin Hood. I don’t think so. He asked me why I steal and I told him. That just like him I grew up in the poorer side of the city, having to fend for myself so I steal so other kids and families won’t have to worry much about money. He said that I was a hero. I didn’t laugh but, I thought well if I’m a hero then why does my little birdie want me arrested? I have fun with you, but I also love seeing the people’s eyes light up when I help...Do you think maybe, if I did everything the right way I could’ve been a good person?” He didn’t let you answer as he quickly got up leaving as he winked. “See you another day little birdie.” After that he didn’t mention it and if you tried to answer he’d brush it off but you both trusted each other despite being in separate worlds. Not that you’d admit it to his face, but you loved having the cat around. He was good company.

~End of Flashback~

Once you were at the station you were told that the chief had wanted to see you. You hurried over surprised to find not only the chief but a woman was sitting there across from him with cold gaze silently scanning you as you walked in. ” Good you’ve arrived. This is Ms. Aria Hizanu. She’s going to be our station’s new psychologist. I want her staying at your place while she finds an apartment here. You two will be working on our newest case revolving around the kidnapping of the mayor’s wife. Also, I want you to bring in the Stray. I don’t care how, just bring him in. Dismissed.” You both look at each other as you grabbed the file regarding the mayor’s wife then lead her out as you try to talk to her but she wouldn’t even spare you a glance. In fact if anything, she was ignoring you. You knew this was going to be a long case. Once you got home she simply asked where the bathroom was so you told her ready to offer her a tour of your home but she walked away to go shower as you sighed. You decided to open the file but before you could there was a knock at one of your windows. The secret knock you two had let you know exactly who this was as you opened the window.

“Hello little birdie! You won’t believe what I did today! I stopped a robbery since I saw you sent the rookies, they were so scared. I felt bad, they practically fell down the moment he pulled out his own gun. Don’t worry though, I was close by so I stopped him before he shot anyone. It was amazing! Look I even brought the necklace over, the rookies ran away when they saw me so I thought well who is a goody two shoes who can turn this in? My little birdie!” Stray hummed as he perched himself on the counter handing you the piece of jewelry. He opened his mouth to speak again but someone cut him off.”I didn’t want to snoop so I came to ask you-who’s this handsome feline? And who’s little birdie?” Aria asked as she held her towel her eyes went from their steely gaze that she held earlier to a seductive gaze as she approached him but stopped once she was a foot away from him. Stray on the other hand went neutral as he scanned her before his jaw clenched tightly. The two stared at each other before he turned to you with a neutral expression but his gaze you could tell was furious, and it might just be you but it looked like betrayal and jealousy?

“I didn’t know I was interrupting something. I’m so sorry for just, barging in. As for your question miss, little birdie is no one. I should get going, I have to turn this necklace in to someone who is free at the moment. I won’t bother either of you again.” He harshly snatched the necklace from your hands as he stormed to the window with Aria on his trail. ”Wait don’t leave tomcat, why don’t you stay? Why don’t we chat a bit before you go, we don’t mind the company, at least I don’t.” Her tone was purely flirtatious but that didn’t stop him from trying to escape. It wasn’t until he was halfway out the window that his body trembled, his grip on the window sill tightening at the word before he turned around as he had an obviously fake smile. “M’am, I don’t know who you are but I will admit that I love your cat joke but I will not stay. I must find a goody two shoes who isn’t busy and will help me. Besides, I wouldn’t want to intrude into your home. Good night.” Her hand quickly grabbed onto his as he turned around ready to leave but when she let go he slowly made eye contact with her, he didn’t move that far.

”You must’ve come to us first for a reason. Plus, Stray you are under arrest.” You looked down to see that she hand handcuffed herself to him, his face blank as she laced their fingers saying it’s much more comfortable like that. He then looked up at you livid as he growled. “You used her to arrest me!?” He almost threw himself at you before she tugged him back into a hug as she shook her head. ”Hey it’s alright, calm down.” He huffed angrily but let himself be hugged as he glared at you then the handcuffs switching every minute that passed while Aria seemed like a stereotypical school girl fawning over the bad boy, which she technically was. You watched as he slowly raised his head trying to pull away from her. “You’re in a towel. I just remembered that, you should go change so uncuff me and you could go change. As a gentleman, I insist that I stay out here.” He smiled sweetly as she scanned him before shaking her head. ”Nope, you have to come with me. I can’t trust you alone you might escape or worse, murder my new partner. Either you come with me, I cuff you to the wall, or I cuff you to him.” Aria used her thumb to point at you as he rubbed his temples opening his mouth to say what he wanted but she quickly cut him off. ”As you’re under arrest we have to decide, so partner what do you think we should do?” Her eyes stared at you practically pleading for you to let Stray go with her, his eyes however never looked into yours as he snarled lowly. You….
My character is jealous and angry right now so your approach can affect how he reacts or talks.
Sorry if it’s too long, I’ve just been waiting to do a criminal and cop rp especially with Stray.
_I was listening to this song while I wrote this:

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I kinda wanna do a DBZ yaoi RP right now? I'm an uke Android 17, and I'd love to find a seme Trunks, but any Saiyan/halfling/whatever is fine. And I'd like it to be both sexual and action as well

So far as grammar limits, RP in the format of:

Android 17 flew over West City, heading to Capsule Corp to see his sister and their friends. Upon landing, he spotted his twin and casually strolled over, noting the small child in her arms. "Hey 18," he greeted her in a calm tone.

Do not do this:

flies to Capsule Corp and sees 18 Hey 18! smiles

However, I don't have any line limits except to try and do 2+ lines. I understand you have a life and may also be doing RPs with other people, but at least give me something to work with. And vice versa. If you need more from me, let me know and I'll rewrite my response. So if anyone wants to RP, please PP me to discuss the plot, then I'll make the starter

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Hi there honeys pm me or comment if you want to rp

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((Open No one liners please, please be descriptive, looking for someone to play a jock boy))

Izumi was your typical nerd boy, good grades,always reading books, glasses your typical nerdy boy,Izumi was a sweet boy with brown hair and Mint eyes that could show emotions better than any facial expression he could have. He was a very kind and caring boy living on his own as of now at the age of 17. A few years back when izumi was just 11 he was coming back from school only to find his mother's boss at the house she had know izumis since he was little. Izumi went up to her confused and she looked down at him crying before she kneeled down and hugged im close to her, Izumis parents had died in a car accident on the highway coming back from the store. At age 11 how were you supposed to deal with the fact that your parents were now gone, never going to come home and smile at you, never going to play with you all of that only memories. However at the age of 17 now he was ok and he considered his mother's boss Jaehee as his mother now but she was always so busy so when he seen her it was rare.
”Izumi looked at his desk with a sigh before he had his books pushed off of his desk by (Your Name), you chuckled and smirked as izumi only glared from behind his glasses as he bent down and picked up his books. (Your Name) was a popular boy on the football team all the girls loved him boys hated him but for some reason he had a weird liking to pick on Izumi. The bell rung for class and Izumi quickly gathered his things to leave the class as he went to his locker and he put his text books away his eyes widened as his body stiffened when a hand slammed onto the locker next to him trapping in as he looked over his shoulder seeing (Your Name)* “What do you want?” He asked a little annoyed before he noticed the pink shade on the male's cheeks and how the other was just staring at him. Izumis mint eyes stared back as he looked at him a light red coming onto his own cheeks “W-What is it?” He asked embarrassed “i-i wanted to know if you would w-want to go on a date with me?” (Your Name) asked and Izumi stared wide eyed as he faced him “w-what?” He asked embarrassed…

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"They break too fucking dull and boring...fucking pussies everywhere."

Aki Nakurama, a professor at University of Arts teacher English Literature and Drama. He is well known in all the university by students from his charming face and his outstanding intelligence. His smile captures hearts of men and women easily and his speech is as romantic as Shakespeare's. He's been teaching there for two years and everyone loves him, including the other professors, that he's even been asked out by them.


His true self...Aki Nakurama outside the college is known as psychotic and intimidating to other males. Yeah he's gay and he's proud of it. His attitude is no more than swears and insults to others but if his flirtatious, his mouth is dirty, sprouting out kinky and lewd things he'd do to his 'victims'. He likes hurting others, making them go crazy for him, fucking, all kinds of kinks. No seme male had dared tried to dominate this uke as he is the well known strong dominatrix. All the guys he's been with enjoyed it at first until Aki took it up a level with pain and humiliation. Outdoor fun, torture ext.


A few days ago.

Y/N was a new transfer student and he was gay too. At first Aki didn't take that much notice of the new student but the male seemed to fit in nicely and his good look attracted others, within hours the student became popular. Aki watched him as he taught, noticing his muscular physique and bright sexy smile he gave off. Aki already wanted this student, he wanted to tie him up and do so many things to him with he'd ride him. However he knew that would never happen. It was against his rules to be in a relationship with students or professors. He had to keep his identity safe.

Y/N also noticed Aki and had a slight crush on him but he wouldn't do anything too much. Y/N was smart so he would answer every question and sometimes watch Aki smoke outside at break times or lunch. He loved the way the older male spoke and his cute delicate smile. He liked him and wanted his slender body against his. But he also knew that it wasn't going to happen and gave up.


~Present Day~

Class had ended and the university was closed for the night. Meaning Y/N and his new friends decided to go out clubbing and get laid in the 9th district. To the surprise, Aki was in a gay club at the bar and some males didn't go near him and some tried flirting but one look and Aki would say "Fuck off". He was sexually frustrated and he wanted just a night of a good time before looking for a pet again. He looked different as well, he wore leather shorts with a leather see through crop top with his piercings in. Hair slick back with his glasses, he looked like he was asking for it.

_Y/N decided to go in the same gay club as Aki by himself as he friends went home. Y/N sat at the counter next to Aki, and glanced at him really interested. He didn't noticed it was his teacher. Aki panicked but he thought that maybe he didn't recognise him and he could have just one night with him.*

"Hi, I'm Y/N, you look...just sexy to be honest. You caught me eye, you seem bored...wanna go?"

Y/N said with confidence with a smirk and Aki shuddered wanting his body cover in bruises and love bites, his thing in his mouth.

"Mm...Why not handsome? I'm feeling it do fucking much anyways, want to come to mine instead?"

Aki flirted as he pressed his hand on the others lap focusing on him blocking out the loud music.

Need a very submissive Seme character that also makes Aki jealous at time during university so that he'd punish more when they'd do it.
If I don't reply for a long time. Tag me.
This will be a long term rp.
Please be able to have grammar and punctuation.
And please please please no text talk (e.g. U, idk, wouldn't write these in an exam bruh)
*Please read all of it*

This belongs to +Queen haruna)
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Its been a while how is everyone doing? ❤

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(This rp is of yukina and kisa from Jounjou romantica this is based on the show I would like to be kisa)

I was always going to the bookstore you worked at to stalk you because I was to afraid to say anything to you. Every day I would go to the store to watch you work or do anything really you were so handsome it killed me. Only thing that kind of kept me from saying anything is that I was much youger than you still in college. One day you cought me staring at you, you always felt that someone was watching you Every day and staring at you but you never new who it was. You finnaly saw who it was today and had to talk to me. So you stopped what you were doing and made you way over to me witch made me freek out and start panicing not knowing what to do. ( I would eventually like for this to get to the part were Yukina slaps kisa please)

Be descriptive please no one liners thanx

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