Konichiwa (srry i only now some words😑🤐😕)

Hi my real language is hmong so I don't know Japanese

Hey I'm changing the community I'm confused I'm changing it to something different

+Withered Foxy​ Nihongo wa watashi ni muz u muzukashii-desu! (Japanese is difficult for me) the words how ur writing is hard! XD

+fun time Freddy​ we have to talk if u don't want too.. my ghoust friend well apear in ur house or outside ur house

Hey everyone I'm gonna delete this community now I don't feel happy course two of my friends r fighting

Watashi wa Roshiago mo hanasemasu ka?

The only word from japan I can say is Arigato thats it. I speak Finnish English and a little bit of French


Ok here's rules u can use this (hi) u have to speak Japanese in this community and oh a ohayou gozaimasu (good morning) bai bai (bye bye)
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