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Welcome to the community, please read the rules and follow them, I promise that as long as I'm admin I will perm ban any and all raiders that may enter this community as they have no place here and if you see one then tag me in it and they will be gone for good

Make sure that your profiles are finished before you start roleplaying and if not then you will only get a friendly reminder at worse as this community is dedicated to protecting all furries so have fun and stay safe

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(I may be the admin but that doesn't mean I won't roleplay as well so here's my profile but your profile can be whatever you want as long as people can see your character and know his/her name)

-Name: Sora
-Species: Wolf
-Age: 20
-Gender: Male
-Powers: Keybearer and master swordsman
-Alias: Guardian of the light and lone wolf
-Personality: Bold, cheerful, caring but at times can be rude and and cold
-Bio: Sora is a Bouncer for a club, don't let his slim body deceive you, he can take out strong and drunken men with ease as his side job as Guardian of light requires him to be very strong and athletic, he usually carries his keyblades oblivion and oathkeeper with him at all times so that he remembers his friends he moved away from but he promises himself he will meet them again
Relationship: Looking for a girlfriend
Sexuality: Straight
Turn-on's: (Find out in roleplay)

(The art belongs to GunZcon and the weapons are a part of the kingdom hearts franchise)
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