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THX EVERYONE FOR JOINING! please read the rules and share this community so we can get more members

1. be nice to each other. if you have a bad day please don't let it out on other members of this community.
2. no spam. please don't post "if you don't reshare this...", "reshare this or...", "reshare this if" or other pictures like that.
3. no tracing of artwork and no stealing of artwork. breaking this rule willl get you banned without a warning.
4. no stealing other peoples ocs
5. no hating.

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Gonna also put this here because this person also stole from Gabby
I don't like DeviantCringe but this rant is important to me because the user it's about stole from my friends and people i look up to.
Please she needs to be banned.

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this is just straigh up fucked up!?
pretty deserves credit for her art!

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contest entries #3 and #4 for pretty shines's spring contest

entry number 4 turned out really originally i wanted to draw them dancing on a field of flowers.
then i remembered that i can't draw legs and it turned into this.
so basically they're like spring-fairy-spirit-things and they're using their spring-fairy-spirit-thing-powers to "wake spring" so in other words they make spring happen...

idk anymore.
i have a lot of stuff to finish and kinda rushed this
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another contest entry for pretty shine's contest
as you can see i'm desperately trying to make my entrys stand out from the others

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first contest entry for pretty shine's contest.
ik that it's not exactly like what the entrys are supposed to be but i just had this idea today and wanted to do it.
the idea behind this is just making a character into an outfit and puting that outfit on a different character.
i really like how pretty's outfit turned out but i'm not really satisfied with ivy's outfit.
but it's just my first entry and i paused working on the others to draw this but they'll be finished soon.

pretty shine belongs to PrettyShineGP
ivy rose belongs to PeachyBiteDraws (me)

I making a new stile in the paper and i need the color guide of sunset scrath (correct ? XD)
+Pretty Shine​ can You please send de guide of sunset S. ?

oh snap boi
whassup honey bun >w<

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