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I've been trying to generate the Your 2017 infographic on your site but it just keeps timing out (I think).

Is there a problem or have I been doing something wrong?


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Preview is blank

I'm unable to post the PRO albums for my collections as they display a blank preview as you can see below:

Your Photo Posts no longer updating

I've been unable to get a refresh of my stats for many days now and recall that a couple of weeks back it was the same, but eventually cleared after a and logout/in, not so now...

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Hey +CircleCount ,
I'm trying to get some statistics on the posts of a specific collection but nothing comes up. Any ideas?

thank you

How many people on here have a Google hangout?

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I've started this poll. You might be interested to give it a min and think about a better content in your stream. I did unfollow a bunch of Collections today. The coming New Year motivates me to choose following new people and new Collections.

Can Circlecount show how many Collections do I follow or does it even make sense?
How many Google+Collections do you follow?

I did unfollow about 30 today, most of them frozen since months ago. I didn't unfollow all frozen though because topics I'm interested in stay evergreen and I can still find relevant information in those Collections.

To see the collections you follow use profile from the main menu and "view all" or this link

#GooglePlusCollections #BeKnownForWhatYouCreate #Polls_Trend2017
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30 - 70
100 and more
I don't know
30 - 70
100 and more
I don't know

Hi to everyone!

I want to ask you something.
Do you know if its possible to monitorize the G+ Communities activity with CircleCount?

I´m totally desperated trying to find a way of doing that.

Thank you very much for your attention.


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God bless you !
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