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Pause and Reflect.... 

How do we connect with others like ourselves? Are we reaching out? Could we be doing more? What ways do you connect beyond social media? Are there other social media platforms that you use (like perhaps) that you utilize as well?

Love to hear your ideas and ways that you are connecting locally, nationally, and globally. Check these out too:



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So very excited that I have been nominated for a Health Activist Award for my work with women health - including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking, stalking, and lymphedema.  Feel free to endorse me!


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A survivor story is going to be told this morning...

Hope you can join in.... if not, please feel free to go to the same link to hear it as an archive. :)   

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Book has just come out -- DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VOICES:  CHOICES It's my first book and book #2 is forthcoming. :)

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As we move into 2014, I began celebrating being on air for 5 years with my radio show, BEYOND WORDS LIVE, providing a platform for survivors to tell their own story in their own words.  

Please message me, if you are a survivor that would also like to share your story on my radio show.

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Just a reminder... we're going live with the director and producer of Cafe Cinema at 10a CST (Texas Time) today! If you miss the live version of the show, please feel free to listen to the archive.

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Even with the holidays this coming week, we have two important shows to listen to (Please mark your calendars now):

1.  Monday, December 23rd 10a CST - my interview with the producer and director of CAFE CINEMA - a television show designed as a catalyst of social change through the eye of reviewing some international films and creating a dialogue meant to open up more dialogues and increase the awareness for more social change to happen!

2.  Thursday, December 26th at 4p CST with an Australian advocate, Kathy Kaplan, who has received a distinguished Order of Australia from the Governor of Victoria for her exemplery work in the field of advocacies for domestic violence survivors.

I am looking forward to talking to both very much and hope that you will be able to join me.  No shows are scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday this week due to them being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  

In fact, shows will resume in 2014 with shows beginning again in January.  A full line up is planned in both January and February.  You will be amazed as I take you to new heights with the guests from the States and beyond as well. :)

Feel free to join us for more dialogues on these topics covered in these shows and more on the Domestic Violence Voices pages at on facebook and on Google+ at
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