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Name: Kuruto Hasai. Age: 14. Species: Angel part demon Weapons: A gun and a sword. Family: hiding in a Dark cave. Gender: Male. 

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Name: kaline strange
Species: demon shifter
Forms:human, light demon,dark demon, hollow pixie
Abilites: change per form she's known for the balance of light and dark magic
Bio: she grew up separated from the world cause if her powers often sold as an experiment to labs who researched hybrids but she escaped at 15 and lived on her own hidden in the human world people hire her for assassination jobs and now she roams the world a mysterious silent killer

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Good night cx

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Name: Celeste
Age: 16
Species: I'm an Fallen Angel...
Weapons: Anything that I can manage to grab...
Family: Guess what... They're allll dead... Gender: Female....

Why does all of this matter anyways?
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I have a feeling that I'm supposed to do something....I just can't grasp it.....

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Thank you for the invite +Kakashi Hatake​ gracias por la invitación😊

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Thx for the template +Kakashi Hatake​

Have fun and make ur character dont forget species:Angel/Demon plz guys the important thing is to make ur character so have fun

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Thanks for the invite. 
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