Anybody wanna roleplay? Anyone at all?

Thanks for the promotion. I'll try to be more active from now on.

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Name: ..... Daniel Winters
Nickname: .... I don't care... As long as it isn't stupid...
Age: 15
Gender: ... I'm male...
Sexuality: ... Straight
Likes: .... I like the cold... And I like to chill with friends...
Dislikes: I hate bullies, and summer...
Height: I don't know, 5'5?
Weight: 115 I guess...
Abilities: ... I can control, create, and manipulate all forms of winter weather...
Personality: I've been called cold, distant, blunt, and protective and chill with my friends...

Anyone wanna rp?

anybody wanan rp?

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Quotes: 'I'll just be over there, not smoking meth in the corner.'
Name Helena Penelope DraftBlue
Nickname Hell, I accept Helen or my full name.
Age 15
Gender Female
Birthday 30th October
Zodiac libra
Personality Once you get to know her she is loyal a bit of a jokester and quick on her feet. She's more comfortable with friends. But before that she's cold isolated has attachment issues and will generally try and avoid human contact.
Sexuality: Bi
Crush: None.
Why you are here Where else am I meant to be?
Weapons (If any): two of image
Powers/abilities (If any): She can break down light into colours then draw power from it and wield it in the form of luxin. She can break down split light into the colour spectrum and utilise the super violet in the spectrum in the form of invisible luxin.
Species Drafter
Hair color: Blue black
Eye color Indigo
Height 5.4"
Weight I don't know...
What they usually wear: Big print shirts, she has a funky style really depend on the day of the week.
Bio:English blood and bone. Her mum is dead and her dad was an addict and acholic. She's never done drugs but often pretends that she does to scare people. Her dad once locked her in the basement for 3 days straight with only an old bottle of water and some gone off caned beans with no can opener. She loves life but pretends she doesn't.
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Time Afternoon
Place The gardens
Open? Yes

Rochelle is sitting in a tree in the cold afternoon. Rather than wearing a coat or something else warm that would trap her wings, she wrapped the wings around herself. She stares down at the beautiful garden, her sharp eyes picking out each individual petal.

She hears a noise behind and looks around to see.........

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Was walking to class to study a bit so he could get free time later on in the day but he was stopped by the teacher that he was supposed to go to and was told that he had to actually work in his class or he'd be thrown out then you

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Quotes sorry was my music to loud I couldn't hear you
Name Retro
Nickname Unconfirmed
Age 19
Gender male
Birthday unknown
Zodiac Leo
Personality Calm , Collected , likes music , is happy most of the time
Sexuality Straight
Crush unknown
Why you are here Eh I honestly don't know don't care either
Weapons (If any) hand to hand combat
Powers/abilities (If any) can raise the pitch of sound to bone cracking levels
Species test subject
Hair color a bit brown but looks blond
Eye color reflects with any light at the time
Height 6'4
Weight unknown
What they usually wear headphones jacket and combat boots
Bio unconfirmed

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Quotes: None
Birthday: July 27
Kind of mean but once you get to know me I'm nice

Crush:??? (New so doesn't know anyone)
Why I'm here: Well umm I am here so Idk
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:Blue-ish
What I usually wear: A black uniform
Bio.: My mom and dad left me on the streets finding out later they died and left a suicide note
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