Well, spring break is over, and I never heard from anyone regarding my conversation with Teri Holtkamp, I sure wanted to have the opportunity to talk with one or all of you about some new things we discussed related to your project.  Teri will join our class on Tuesday, March 18th. 

Professor Horn-Johnson

All, I had a great meeting with Teri on Thursday, and I would like to have the opportunity to share that information with you! I'm in the office this week (spring break) and would welcome one or all of you to call me and stop my to talk about a number of updates on the City's plan!  254,299.8968

All - I want you to consider, did you talk with Teri about your interests in homeless youth? I know your focus for policy analysis is to analyze the City of Waco 10-year plan. 

Professor Horn-Johnson


Please get together with your group and begin looking at the City of Waco 10-Year Plan for your policy analysis.  Holanie says you have that plan, so be sure to bring it Tuesday.

Hey guys - did we ever decide where we are going to meet for lunch tomorrow?
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