(Sorry, I tried to active everyday but my fanfic block my way) {I don't know if this is boring dream}
Animes. Yeah, I always have many dream of animes. So, this is how the story goes...

I was in the forest, walking around to discover the new place I have come. When suddenly, I can hear some other footsteps. I look infront of me to see 4 people. It look very...famaliar and then I shrugg and follow them instead.
My dream didn't stop there.
As the adventure continues, I remember some names. "Lucy, Natsume, Gray" the only people I met that I remember. And suddenly, I feel like I was faded away.
And it's continue without awaken. I see myself in the same forest, and again still alone. That time wasn't a great time to leave me alone cause it was raining and dark. I look at a mud paddle(?) And feel myself cry. I see a face. The face wasn't mine but someone else that I don't remember. My dream soon be gone.
I wake up and feel myself cry in my sleep.
Looks like I shouldn't watch anime that many but I'm so rebel and I watch. ;-;

(My last dream forgotten by some random anime and other stuff. So, sorry -Jeremi [Mai{TheLazyBones}])

I don't know if this is a nightmare or what but..this is how my dream goes deep breath :

I was walking around in a weird place and I was finding my bf (*boy*friend). I shouting his bame over and over untill I realize I'm in a sky shop (lol). I ask the people around me. Even the cashier. They shook their head and I sigh. I buy some stuff for to survive. So, I already have muffins, cookie and marshmallow. All I need is a flashlight. Soon, I found it beside the cashier and I try to take it. Before I could reah it, someone take it away. I look beside me to see him. We smile to each other before we buy the stuff together. Both of us walk outside to go back to our place since we're stuck in a fantasy place (I'm the only who imagine the place b/c I'm an otaku and not him XDD). Now, we're outside of the sky shop. Turns out, his face turn to frown. I ask him what's wrong before I look up because someone block the sun (thank god b/c I can feel some burn on my skin even I sleep). I mutture(?) An 'oh shet' before my vision start to become more black.
I didn't awake and the dream continue. I can see some guards hold me like I'm a criminal. I ask them and they showed me a place. I can feel my eyes shaking as I see 'Building 13' (from Nanbaka) blown up by something. I ask them what happend and they showed me their face. "Jyugo, Uno, Rock and Nico" I said before he explain. 'Holy shet' I said again. Before my vision start to become black again.
I don't what happend but my bf drag me to somewhere with his face was in horror. I look behind me to see someone try to kill us (not refrer to Creepypasta). I start to scream and drag him. Running into a public restroom with no one inside. We choose the second toilet and hide in it. I try to lock but he already found us and try to open the door. "GREAT ICE LEMON TEAAAA" we scream togther as I hold the door. Turns out he already get in with his knife.
I wake up as I breath fastly than usual. My face is in horror and I feel like I want to cry.
So, the moral of my dream. DO NOT forget to wash your feet before went to sleep. 

*Trying to revive this dead community,*

Sometimes I dream about my friends; because I can't be with them due to changes of where i live.
I always love to invite my friends somewhere to have fun, so I invited them to go to a water Park, I had this dream three times.

Once... nobody came and I had to walk around the park doing nothing and the second was a perverted dream due to my Dirty Ex friend.(wich I'm not her friend anymore)

And the third one where we Really had fun riding everything together, we were having a lot of fun and splashing each other with water and daring each other to play the Drop slide.....

It was really sad when you wake up from a dream like this, you just can't help it but cry, knowing that your friend's parents won't allow them to come.

hi im new to this community but here this dream that always happens now and then well here it is it my wedding day and as ny dad walks me down the to soon to be husband my dad gets shot by someone and he is put in a coma and i stayed by his and he woke up 2 weeks and he told my his time here is finish and he want me to stay by him for his last hours before i die and he die right in front of me and then i woke up crying i was crying in my dream and was shook that i was crying in real life well if you read this i hope it did make you sad 

Sometimes .. when I wake up from a dream I cry...

Cuse sometimes you dream of having something/someone you really want then when you wake up...

It was just a dream

I had a dream of having money,undertale mangas😕but still good),pets,########### ...

You have finished in dream them you wake up in this reality world....it's just sad....

Today i saw a nice dream it's about +sakura -g-​ so at first i saw my self on a real black and scary street i was scard suddenly i saw a little animal it start gitting biger and biger it was a lion it start gitting near me more and more i was so scared suddenly i hear a voice it was you sakura you came out of no ware and you were deffrent you killed the lion then we go to walk under the sakura tree i told you my name then you huged me then you told me that you are my old friend then i hug you then we crys and we return small again (end)
I love the dream but i all so miss you

Love v.t

Part 6 (Welcome&Bye) [You know it]

Me: Hey guys, I'm back. Today is my last day use my phone. So, I'll write more dream fastly. Anyway, let's the dream begin!
Both of us, thought we at Doctor Who place but it was Freddy Fazbear Restaurant. "Dammit!" I shout loud and kick a table. Suddenly, a brown bear stand behind me. "Look out, kid!" Someone shout. I look behind and my bro pull me away. I remember it was a game which I played last year. My bro brought me at office and I silently doing nothing. "Do you remember them? You know Mike, Phone Guy, Purple Guy, Fritz and Jeremy, right?" My bro ask me. I nod my head. "Hey kids, what's your name?" Mike ask us. "I'm Jeremi, call me J. And this is my bro, Mega." I said our name. Since both of us are kid, they teach us how to protect ourself. "Ugh, help us. We need to go home," I put my head on table. Suddenly, another portal has fixed. "Finally!" I shout excitedly. Before we goin' in the portal, we wave to them. Then, we get in the portal.

To Be Continue

Part 5 [always, bad grammer]
Me: before we get started, I will off my account about...
Bro: 2 months!
Me: ya, because I will take 2 exams which is UPSR Test 5th and UPSR
Bro: That's all?
Me: ya. Anyway, let's the adventure of dream
They know I was eaten by Zalgo. So, they prepared on a war again before Zalgo take away the mansion and eat all of us. I always have a power which I didn't know yet. My bro also have a power and he already know. Since I dead and turn into a ghost, my bro will revenge to him. That night they made a plan while I'm at a room. The next day, they had a war and I have to stay at mansion with kids. "*sigh* I wish I can help them," I said in my head. "It's okay J, you can help next year," two kids said to me. While they on a war, I quietly walk outside and hide in a bush. I see my bro was hurt and get eaten by Zalgo. He will take a while to solve the maze. "Hey kid, what you doing here?" I shocked and falls out from the bush because BEN ask me suddenly. "Pfftt, I'm only watching you guys killing each other" I said it with a grin face. "By the way, what's up with you today? Why you grinning?" He ask. "Nothin---," I laugh out loud because I see Dark Link doin' a thing behind him. While I was laughing, my bro come back to life. Then, I stop laughing and hide behind bush again. Zalgo know that I was hiding and he trys to kill me behind my back. He fail because I block it. Dark Link, BEN and me uses some kind of magic which it mix up. It's kindda gonna explode but atleast BEN fastly teleport us to another place. After that, we met another creppypasta. Suddenly, the portal is fixed up. "Good news bro, we can go home back!" I said excitedly. My bro got a lucky leaf while I got few games for friendship. We wave our hand before we leave. We get in the portal and we stuck at another deminsion. Both of us......

To Be Continue

Me: I know it's kindda bad
Bro: pst, I know about other part of dream. It's kindda
Me: Shut up, baby brother!
Bro: welp, SEA ya later! I need to run right now

Part 4 (Dead&Alive) [Like always, bad grammer]

I still hurt but, I can help some friends. Everyday, I will play with kids and sometime goes to store to buy grocery. Every late night, BEN Drowned and me will play Majora Mask game untill Slendy punish us to sit outside. That day, I forgot about portal. One day, Slendy tell me to go to the store to buy grocery again. He give some moneys and I walk outside. I walk normally and suddenly, I accidently fall because I trip on a rock. 5 minutes later, I wake up and I see an enemie. I look around and it's not a forest anymore. The enemie is name "Zalgo". He walk forward to me and I get scared. I shout for help but nobody came. He say "A child, eh? I know you was adopted by your friends. But, I guess they dind't care you be eaten up by me". I can't run because my leg broken. He ate me and I actually dead but I open my eyes and I see a maze. The maze will brought me to alive again. It was so easy and I back to alive but I was turned into a ghost. "I'm alive? Or am I dead?" I ask myself. "Thank god, you alive!" My bro try to hug me but he fall. "You alive but a ghost?" He ask me. "I'm a ghost?!" I said it aloud and looks at my hand. I try to hug back to my bro and other creepypastas but eventually I only can hug BEN. They....

To Be Continue

. ....i really don't know if dreams sometimes come true....cuse it's had a dream about....

We ordered pizza (by the phone)but it's sounds weird and spooky...like someone breathing heavily throw the phone ... I started to panic...

Then everybody start to lock the doors and windows ..
Then one of my sis said: how the monster/goast looks like
I said: he look like a teddy bear...
Then we heard a weird noise coming from outside
I rushed to the window.. i looked outside it's was midnight...
I saw a brown paw climbing the wall...and a black hat....
Then it attack us so fast that i couldn't see...

I waked up....
After couple of weeks I knew fnaf....and I think that was freddy 
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