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What do you know about the Illuminati Order? Do you really feel any rejoice by posting lies, manipulative paragraphs about the Illuminati Order? The Illuminati Order is a secret entity, nobody joins by free will. People from 18 years of age to 45 years of age are selected by their credentials, educational background. Don't lie no more, don't fantasy with abnormal illusions. The Illuminati Order doesn't exist in the Western Hemisphere, neither in Africa. Don't fool yourself portraying images with fraudulent symbolisms, the Illuminati Order doesn't spend its valuable goals by posting repetitive scams. We recruit bright minds, we don't accept money from anyone, so stop the melodramatic theatrical manipulative comedies.
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I thought man was made to think.and live like gods is it true

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The illuminati is the world's most richest bankers this includes the Rothschild the Rockefeller and many more they responsible for all of the wars and 9-11 dc snipers.
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