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Weekly Go
Thursday 27 February from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm.
at Game Goblins

I would like to begin with a thank you to Logan for playing and assisting in several teaching games, despite having worked a long week, we are, as always, appreciative of his efforts for the club as our Captain. Tim led several teaching games with Dorthia. She seemed to enjoy the challenge, and I know Tim enjoyed the games. Mr. Bill dropped by, it is always a pleasure to have him with us, and we hope to see him again very soon.

Weekly Go, 20 February 2014

First I would like to thank Will Wiloby for his continued enthusiasm and energy, giving 110% to every game and improving on every game. T.J.'s ability to play and learn was on full display. As always it was wonderful to have him there. Tim came with his usual, but not unappreciated, enthusiastic, skillful, and joyful play.

Anything but go ( game night )
Monday, 24 February 2014 from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm
at Game Goblins

Another successful game night, thanks to everyone for coming. See you at the next game night.

Learn to Play Monday 17 Febuary 2014

What a great learn to play. A big thank you to William for leading multiple teaching games, his skill, professionalism and enthusiasm made the event special. I would also like to thank Will Willoby for joining us. he played multiple games, on every board size. Showing tremendous potential. Dorthia dropped in playing several games with William, she had a great attitude and had fun through out. Ronnie also came by observing several games, it was good to see him again. I hope to have Will, Dorthia, and Ronie join us again soon.

Weekly Go 13 February 2014

It was wonderful to meet T. J. He is already a good player, beating me twice. I look forward to seeing him again. Thank you to Logan for leading a teaching game with T.J., he is a great teacher. Tim also played T.J. as well, doing so with enthusiasm and joy. The charter was put in to effect tonight, it felt great after all the work others and I put in to it. Thank you to Logan, William and Tim for being the first to sign.

Learn to Play Monday
Monday 3 March from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm
At Game Goblins

Join us Monday and experience one of the greatest games ever invented. It's origins are mysterious, It's rules simple, It's play is deep. Come see what Go is all about, If you know how to play, deepen you knowledge. 

We will stay past 9.30 if need be.

Weekly Go
6 February 2014

We had a great meetup, despite the chilly weather. Joseph dropped by, we had great teaching game, it was great to meet him. Amy came, this was her first event with us, She has a wonderfully positive attitude, and is excited to learn, you can't ask for much more. William and Logan played a 13x13, it is always a wonderful to see William, he always enjoys his matches no matter the out come. Thank you to Logan for sharing his knowledge and skill with us, we are a better club with him. Of Course, I would like to thank Gary and Franky for coming, They are a great team. Franky continues to show great promise. Gary plays great go, and is very supportive of his daughter and the club. I hope to see every one again soon.

Meet and play
2 February 6.30 pm to10.00 pm

First I would like to thank Haskel for his interest and time working with us to make this event happen.
I would also like to thank Andrew (3dan) for transporting  Haskel about, and playing with us again.   It was wonderful to see a 3 dan match, equally wonderful was the review of their game that they provided.    Logan, Tim and myself, had an opportunity to play a match with  Haskel and/or Andrew.  I know this was a big treat for me.   We hope to see Andrew again soon, and Haskel when he visits our fair city again.

Weekly Go, 30 January 2014

Another great meetup, Logan and Tim  played a great match,  also they worked some go problems.  I played a match with Logan too, but my Go was not at it's best, I will make up for next time.   Tony, an old associate of mine came by, I showed him how to play, he then played a 9x9 with me and than a 13x13 with Tim.   Cory dropped by, he did not have time to learn or play however he was interested.   I hope to see Tim and Cory again soon. 
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