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This is my new illustration, Merannia a capital city with an ancient history. The article in my website includes background info, adventure ideas and demographics. My followers on Patreon get this in HD and all adjoining info in nice PDF format.

Original article
Patreon site

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A few more details left to come and a few lines and scribbles added since the last instalment. Cheers and thanks for all the +1s and comments on the previous WIPs!


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One of Six A3 maps of the Robleda City, comissioned by La Marca del Este.

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My vibrant and no-doubt-dangerous Hillside Cave map is now ready for play - enjoy!

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My recent illustration ! Take a look, it comes with an awesome one-shot adventure.
This is my most recent illustration. It features a farm house and the lands around it. Visiting this link will bring you to a oneshot adventure idea for such location. The hook is the same but the background info can change depending on which you choose to use.

Original post here
Help me create more here

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Howdy Map Makers and World Builders.

I came across this video in my feed, and thought it raised some good ideas you might want to think of when planning YOUR maps/cultures/civs.

In short. Geography dovetails with Opportunity Cost. If you can't get around quickly "local issues" become more insulated.

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I had a contact elsewhere ask for my process on my worldmap, I hope some of you might find this useful!

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A brand-new YouTube channel that might be useful......but only two videos so far. Hopefully there will be more.

I'm looking for a fantasy map of a wizard's school, university or similar. Underground, preferably. 1 or maybe 2 levels? Maybe 20-30 locations at the VERY largest, prefer smaller?

Anyone got anything I can use wholesale, or pillage at the very least? this is going to be linked up to three towers and a small complex above ground; the PCs have already dealt with the aboveground complex and the top (guardpost and temple) level of the dungeon, but will have to come back searching for more secret info, and explore the school, then (possibly) find the hidden routes into each of the sealed wizardly towers.

Anything that sounds adaptable to this scenario would be greatly appreciated!
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