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This works great, when you receive a notification look up at the sky and you'll see a bright light in the sky (International Space Station). The light is usually visible even in the day time.

by +Owen Prescott 

Is there a way to only trigger on specific days - I don't want every day but only Mon Tue Friday but can't see a way to achieve it

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#Amazon #Alexa poll: Are you guys going to upgrade to a #EchoShow ? For the added visual experience? Or keep your #EchoTap / #Echodot
This poll is not available.

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Today I want to talk about IFTTT which is short for If This Then That. IFTTT is a free web service that allows you to connect other web services, applications and devices to each other to automate simple tasks.

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OK using IFTTT I searched google assistant and asked my brother is here and message reply would be OK name of brother is here .I attached that to music match to play a song it does everything but play son any help appreciated

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So since I got the Google Home, I keep thinking on more ways to automate everything in my home so I finally decided to get a Harmony hub and test it out....

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So using IFTTT to send a text to someone so "if" is Google assistant and "that" is Android SMS. Got it to work for three people but now the others I added to text will resort to sending a message to one of my original three wth going on

Trying to use IFTTT to control my Honeywell Total Connect Comfort via Google Assistant (through Google Home).

I'm setting up the applet to use a number ingredient in the phrase to set a temporary temperature. Every time it runs, I get the correct voice response from Home but no action is taken on thermostat.

I get no notification from IFTTT and it will show an error if I open the app to check the applet run history.

Anyone have these two services talking to each other successfully yet?

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I want to show you today the current method to integrate Google home with Tasker to trigger some of your tasks.

So I have the google home now for a couple of week and for what I can tell you so far it is a pretty good device. It is still limited on the things that you can do with it compared to the Amazon echo but it has a lot of potential.

For this, we're going to need the Join app and IFTTT

#HowTo #Tutorial #Tasker #Join #JoinAPI #IFTTT #TheMakerChannel #GoogleHome #GoogleAssistant

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Today I'm going to show you how to get notifications from a specific subreddit and also Reddit private messages using the IFTTT Maker channel and the Join app API.

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