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All About Me Challenge

Nominated By: +Lexie the empire wolf

Full name: 🖕

Future Career: Being a badass sister to Lexie

Crush: nope

Height: an inch shorter then Lexie

Favorite Color: STOP ASKING ME!

Girl best friend/Friends: ​+Kate Winchester

Boy Best friend/Friends: +Lexie the empire wolf

In love?: maybe

Want kids: no

If so, How many?: 1

Snapchat?: no

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Last person you texted: ​​+DJ. Darkri the dark

Last thing you drank: blood

Now tag people you nominate
+Kate Winchester
+Kira Winchester
+Oracle Winchester
+Andrew The crimson angelwolf 

Nominated by: +Lexie the empire wolf

❥ Single? I am a player the boys are mine 😈
❥ Crushing? As in stepping on the weak?😈
❥ Favourite food? Raw meat and Pizza
❥ Favourite color? Red
❥ Favourite Music? Creepy Erie music
❥ Talents? Flexible and Annoying +Lexie the empire wolf
❥ In love? With my sister yes
❥ Hobbies? Sleep, eat, Murder
❥ Long/short hair? Mid Length
❥ Height? 5"9" just an inch short then Lexie
❥ Jacket/Hoodie? Hoodie
❥ Eye color: Blood Red
❥ Hair color: Black
❥ Shirt color? Black
❥ Jeans or shorts? Shorts
❥ Get married? Once
❥ Have kids? +Kate Winchester
❥ Get divorced? Never they die before that happens
❥ Ever or still do wet the bed? Yes and it was bloody 😈
❥ Had or have depression? Nope just boredom
❥ Daydream? Never Sleep
❥ Thought of food? Everyday
❥ Someone you love ? +Lexie the empire wolf
❥ Someone you hate? All humans
❥ Dream job? Already a fictional character so what more
❥ Got tattoos? As in the mark on my left side of my face then yes
❥ Got piercings? Ears only
❥ Worst day of your life? Days without Lexie
❥ Best day of your life? Try and guess
❥ Biggest fear? I am fearless

1. +Kira Winchester
2. +Kate Winchester
3. +Andrew The crimson angelwolf
4. +Dj the wolf /Maid Marian Angel/Cute Eevee girl
5. +Son Guadi Saiyan
6. +Lexie the empire wolf 

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