Need some thoughts, input, and ideas.

1. Using a taboo weakness to limit an yohjutsu power. For example a flying 4 subjected to taboo (3) Ability can only be used to run quickly and lightly among the ground or to jump. Flying 4 roughly works out to a 55m still jump or a 110 meter long jump with trajectory math.
-or putting a taboo that makes shapechange limited to a specific type of object or only available to a multiform to use.

2. Allowing one part of an ability to be raised to a higher tier at the cost of lowering the tiers of the rest of the abilities. example dropping the damage and rof of the yohjutsu projectile attack a tier but allowing the range to be boosted a tier.

3. Vulnerability weaknesses. I simply can't think of any good ones, I plan on using a spiritual attack vulnerability but i want a second to make it so that every combat doesn't need a monk. my mind keeps snapping to fire, but it's simply not viable as heat based weapons make up a large portion of stock and generic weapons.

4. In the world book pages 215, there's a ayakashi called daidara-bocchi. Do you think it would be more appropriate to make an ayakashi that functions as an armor minus the dice perks and a bodyless "pilot" with the interface skill to work it or a straight up ayakashi that simply looks like an armour with a multiform acting as the pilot. The straight up ayakashi was about 90 karma to make it comparable to an armor in speed and armaments, but is pretty barren on skills.

So I was reading the world book again, and saw in the Ninja and Shinobi that there was a Dark Art used by the stated example Ninja. It's listed as a Level 3 Dark Art...does that mean you "replace" one of your Rank 3 Dark Arts in the school you've selected with it? Or can just take it as a Dark Art if you Ninjutsu Skill ranks are 3 or higher?

One Shot Podcast is playing TBZ this month!

So, I was reading a review of this game on Something Awful when I was looking to see if I could find any artwork of what the Twin Dragon Arms are supposed to look like, and I noticed that someone mentioned that there was a PDF supplement that was released to people who backed the Kickstarter, that included things like Mass Combat rules, a couple new archetypes, a new Kongohki body design, etc. A bit of Googling later, and I can't seem to find it anywhere; it's not listed under the products that Kotodama Heavy Industries has listed on RPGNow or DrivethruRPG - they've just got the TBZ corebooks and the Ryuutama corebooks on those stores. I was wondering if there's anywhere that those of us who didn't back the Kickstarter could get ahold of it?

Hi. If I use celestial Kungfu in leve 4 I hace +15 damge bonus all time in combat I can use Fist of acala in leve 3 +4 damage and the total is 19 .?

I have a question. When a Samurai transforms, his body is among the stats that increase. I couldn't find anywhere in the book that directly mentioned this, but I assumed that while his stats are increased, his Vitality and Wounds also increase. So we had an issue where the Samurai took enough damage that when his transformation ended, he technically would have died. Are we doing this correctly?

Why does the Creating New Archetypes chapter say that "Kugutsu archetypes require the Performance, Persuasion, Pillow Arts and Etiquette skills," yet of those four Skills the Kugutsu Runaway archetype only has Persuasion? Are those required skills listed for oni and kugutsu archetypes more like suggestions rather than requirements then?

hello where i can buy the paper manual in europe ?

+Andy Kitkowski , any news to share on the stretch goal stuff for TBZ?

Help teaching western players.

Im DMing a Tenra Game intended to run for 5 arcs and 4 sessions long.
The problem is that whenever battles come up the player outright refuse to expend any kiai or aiki chits cause they are saving it for skill's rank ups. This has lead me to a dilema i either make fights beatable without any kiai/aiki expendure or the Pcs go on a losing streak, like happened in the second session.

If anyone could provide me with some insight or share similar experience.
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