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Google Plus will be shutting down in August. What is the next most active TBZ hub? I'd prefer Reddit, but I'm guessing it's probably Facebook.

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Here we finally are; a single bookmarked pdf of everything Altesha. It still needs some editing but the Alpha stage is complete.

+Henry de Veuve You asked for a big beautiful pdf and here it is! All ~150 pages of it.

Also, Character Sheet

Armour/Tree Sheet

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It has been a while since I posted anything for my Sci-fi/Fantasy setting of Altesha but I finally finished the Archetype chapter so people could freely and easily play in the setting. Warning, it ended up being 20 pages long. On the plus side it gives a lot of ideas and options for characters.

As always here is the master link for all of the content of the setting. The Basic Rules chapter is under going some repairs right now though as part of it seems to have been corrupted.


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So I realized that when I ran my last Tenra game and posted about it, I didn't think to share it. I'll need to see whether I still have the sheets for the PCs involved, but I can at least share the notes I wrote up to run the game.

I put some detail into the Zero Act scenes, then left myself brief notes for the later scenes. I figured I would be better served by fleshing out enemies, because they were the more mechanically difficult part and I wanted to balance them against player abilities, and leave the details of the scenes to be fleshed out by myself and the players as we went.

It served me well, and might be helpful to someone who wants to try Tenra with a loose GM approach!

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Good day everyone! I have recently began to run a play thru of the Tenra scenario Family before Blood and wanted to share my play experience. I start with the unique beginning of having 3 players for Act 0 and 1 with two more joining for the next session and Act 2 …wish me luck please.

The 3 starting players and their roles are:
Agate: The Kugutsu/Kijin who is newly created and limited on understanding human emotion.
Arizeial: Young Machinist/Inventor with a Kijin arm and a depth to the local Lord.
Neh’Sami: Nekomata Assassin/Performer who is longing for a family

Act Zero
The Act opens up with a scene for Arizeial, 10 years before the present situation as he finds himself a prisoner of war in a jail cell. The player decided that made him 15 at this point and when the Lord Nijou offered him freedom if he works under him the poor Innocent (Emotion Matrix) kid jumped at the chance to get out of the cell. The Machinest is now Loyal to Lord Nijou (Destiny Fate).

The next scene involves Agate in the home of his creator. The Yakuza Oyabun Goichi who Welcomes the strange Kugutsu into his clan/family after revealing that he was created in order to pay off a debt. Goichi then ruthlessly asked Agate to kill his creator to show that family matters more than blood ties.The player chooses to obey and earned the Fate Family Before Blood.

The last scene involves Neh’Sami performing on stage before meeting with Goichi. Goichi offers her the job of killing the local Lord, Nijou Naotada in exchange for rare alcohol (her ayakashi weakness involves drinking). She agrees despite an odd warning in her senses (Emo Matrix) and gains the fate Assassinate Lord Nijou.

Act One
This act basically laid the groundwork for the situation and characters. Arizeial and Agate had a handful of scenes together as Agate was sold to Lord Nijou as a bodyguard. The yakuza pulled this off by having one of their own masquerades as another lord who was having financial troubles after the war 10 years ago. This got a little explosive as the “silk” being pushed along for sale with Agate was discovered by Ari to be cotton…Lord Nijou showed his amusement by soulgem spearing one of the bails. The second part of this story thread had Lord Nijou giving his orders to his new(?) Kugutsu, as well as telling him to get to know the city and its inhabitants. While this was going on the lords Onmyojutsu advisor Rui showed herself and struck up a conversation with Ari and when Agate forced his way into the conversation it turned towards magic and the Kugutsu unique construction. This grew some interesting interactions between Rui and the two players…

While all that was happening Neh’Sami wanted to investigate a way into the castle and for her that meant find a person that could be her in. She ended up finding and captivating (with Performance) Kimen Armor Captain Oigi and they had a thought provoking conversation about his dead former leader (the previous captain). After she performed, they walked to a rundown Buddhist Temple where he prayed for the fallen. They actually had a really positive opening relationship which led to the next scene involving Oichi showing off his armor piloting skills while Sami watch’s/ entertains his daughter Mia with fan juggling. Part way through this fun scene a fire breaks out in the city, Oigi goes to help without any backup from the castle, and Sami asks Mia if she knows a safe place she could bring her to before going to help with the fire. Mia leads to an old antique shop run by an old man named Miyagi that seems to know her well as if hiding in his back room has happened more than a few times. Before this scene ends Sami notices a tattoo under the hem of Miyagi’s kimono…

Neh’Sami gains the fate Protect Mia
Arizeial gains the fate Interest in Mechanical/Magical fusion (like Agate)
Agate gains the fate Curiosity towards Castle Inhabitants

And that was the end of the first session. For the record the two threads of act one bounced back and forth a few times but I figured the story would make more sense if I kept them together in this writeup. As a side note I can’t believe it has almost been 4 years since I wrote up this scenario. Anyone else have stories of running it?

Family before Blood.pdf
Family before Blood.pdf

An issue:

Are there rules or guidelines, at least, about how the environment affects a battle in development? For instance, the battle is taking place on a dessert, or over the seas, or under water... or each of the factions departs from different types of terrains.

Are there rules regarding seas and oceans and battles developing over and inside them?

How about naval and navy power of certain domains? I would refer to type, quality, armor, firepower, crew performances of vessels, number and quantity of effective, and so on

Are there special developments concerning aquatic war?


I'm about to start TBZ as a GM and seem to have a decent enough grasp of the rules, but I do have one question: Since Ayakashi Natural Weapons can make use of the Unarmed Combat skill, can they be used with Martial Arts? For example, say an Ayakashi has both a natural weapon with +5 damage rating, and the Kannon Monk template getting Martial Arts 3 (+10 Unarmed Combat damage), do these values stack? Or is one chosen over the other?

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I've written up my introductory scenario, Four From Dragonscale, into a pretty-much-playable form, and posted it here on my blog. I hope it manages to inspire some more folks to get the game to the table - I certainly had a lot of fun running it!

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I finally ran the game, at North Star convention in Sheffield, UK - I've blogged here about lessons learned, and advice for setting up a Tenra one-shot, and will be publishing my scenario later this week.
Tenra Bansho Zero One-Shots
Tenra Bansho Zero One-Shots

Hello everyon, I've been with TBZ already several years, but never decided to run a game as a GM till recently, and doing my own tests, got several doubts that are kinda obvious, but I always preffer experimented players to confirm them if it's not stated on the manuals, so, I would appreciate any help for it, basically it's about special archetypes and impossible combinations.

1-Kongohki: Due to their characteristics of machines, I understand that, for a Kongohki being a Samurai or a Shinobi it's totally impossible. On their Archetype Descritpions isn't stated otherwise. Although, in te specific rules of it, it's explained that knogohki can use most special habilities without problems, and those are are related with the previous memories of the trapped soul. And, imo, Samurai and Shinobi (Dark Arts) habilities aren't actually memories habilities itself, and they requires surgery.

Actually yhat would be all my real doubts, but if someone wants to further show me other impossible combinations, I would appreciate it.
The one that is pretty clear is Kugutsu with Samurai and Shinobi.

Thanks in advance and sorry for any grammatical mistakes.
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