Quick question, under 'Appearance' / 'Icon' can you please add an option to show the icon of the app which is configured to be launched?

This is especially helpful (neat!) when configuring one app rather than the launch box.

Example, when assigning Instagram as the app to be launched with a long press of the home key, an Instagram icon will appear inside the bubble.

Make sense? If so, doable?

Thanks for your consideration!

Looks like this app is no longer in development. I emailed the developer, received no reply in several days and then realized that the last update was pushed in 2017.

It's a shame! I love it.

Is there any further development going into this app? I just tried it on Android N, but the system settings page does not offer any alternative for the assist app other than Google.

Have Google blocked the functionality this app relies on?

I really don't want Assistant, and I resent even more having it forced on me. Grrrrr :-(

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Swipeup Utility 2.0's in beta!
With it comes Android N support, a completely reworked multiple-select mode (including drag and drop reordering), an updated theme, and quite a few bugfixes.

Please let me know how it goes :)


any chance for an update for marshmallow?

can you add the option to choose an icon from custom icon set for icons of apps I've chosen to show up when swiped?

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Swipeup Utility Donate 1.5 is in beta!
This release includes:
*Last App (sort of) works on Lollipop! It looks at which apps were used last and tries to resume them where they were left. It doesn't always work how it should, though. :/
+Ability to remove icon from app drawer
*UI tweaks

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The translucent décor seemed way cooler before

Hello, just wondering if last app action is coming to lollipop, I have just upgraded and I am missing it badly.Cheers

I have public version 1.9 on SXZ with KK 4.4.4 and the Icon is greyed, so I cannot set it for my camera ... ;o(
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