Kiu povas sugesti kompililon por Linux Fedora?
(my english so bad for writing ;-( )

I'm a beginner. Where can I find some code examples?

FORTRAN/C interoperability

Put this bit together for work, but thought others might benefit ....

When it comes to FORTRAN/C interoperability, many of us have done it “old school” where we take our understanding of how each language works and on a platform get things to work. ( I was doing this in the early 80s … yuck)

In my opinion the old school approach is the wrong way to do things, rather I suggest using FORTRAN 2003 and better standards.

Some useful links in what is here and what is coming



                Intel FORTRAN version 15
Full support for Fortran 2003
BLOCK from Fortran 2008
EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE from Fortran 2008
New optimization report annotates the source from within Visual Studio
For more information, see the release notes.


              (interoperabilty starts at ~12:00)

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I would like to draw your attention to the ForUML utility from Aziz Nanthaamornphong. This will be interesting for everyone who uses OOP features in modern Fortran because it enables scanning  and building UML diagram  of your project files and you can see and modify this diagram with ArgoUML program. Thanks Aziz  for sharing it.  Download ForUML here

I need to learn much about fortran

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Greetings humans!

Just want to say hello here.

When I was a teenager, well, in 80's, I used to program in some kind of fortran where 'if' statement has only arithmetic evaluation for condition and three labels to go when less than, equal to or greater than 0. Now I recall that funny statement and done refreshing, almost from scratch, my knowledge about fortran 77 using this tutorial:

I just want to know if you guys still use fortran for money or it is a hobby for you?

i need to learn FORTRAN where should i start 

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I really thought Apollo Domain/OS was mainly written in Fortran. Looks like wikipedia says it was written in Pascal. [1] Doing some googling I found PRIMOS was mainly written in Fortran. [2][3]  In previous job life, I did work with PR1MOS and Domain/OS, maybe that confused me. ;-)

*Were there any more Operating System mainly written in Fortran?*

[1] "Unlike many operating systems of the day, which were written in C or assembly language, many Domain/OS components were written in Pascal, although compilers were available for C, C++, Pascal, and Fortran."
[2] "Legend has it that the unusual choice of FORTRAN for the OS programming language had to do with its history"
[3] "Prime Computer's PRIMOS was written in FORTRAN. I first encountered it in 1982, but it had been around for a while already."

Happy Birthday to Fortran! Born today in 1956!

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