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So the story is that in this time Most of the FF we're killed by Eggman, and the world has been in an all out war with Eggman's Army. Good?

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Hey, wouldn't it be great to see a Sonic game that's sort of a fusion between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Colors?

I.E. Combine the story driven game mode and various styles of gameplay of Sonic Adventure 2 with the advance, creative, and fun levels of Sonic Colors.

And don't forget the Chao Garden.
Gotta have those Chao.
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Sounds like a great idea!
It's ok....
Seems pointless, really
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Ugh! This place is so, empty, and I don't know what to do about it! I hate when places like this go to waste!

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Name: Ashura The Hedgehog
Bio: A distant relative of Scourge, Ash is torn between good and bad trying to fit in the world one way or another.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: HedgeHog
Skills: Hacking, Archery, Sings and Plays Guitar, Stealth, Gunsmanship, and Proficient Melee Skills
Abilities: Morph- Change Body Appearance, Cloak, Warp, Can Conjure Items that appear with a green-purple aura
Forms: Chaos
Likes: Friends, Studying Scourge, Gaming, Goofing Off
Dislikes: Rules and Enemies
Alias: ((Other Names)) " Black Crown "
Occupations: Assassin (Rarely) Hacker 
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Are we gonna make this a thing?

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+The "Gaming Four Stars"​ I'm kinda a big fan I'm not a nerdy fanboy though, my other account is +Jaden Webb

Whats this about? Seems interesting....
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