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The most amaizing thing about life is we all get to talk. The only difference is jus wat we say wen given the chance. Som choose to listen. Some are forced to listen and even to talk. But every chance I get ..whether given or.... I chose to mean every word and be willing tokmeet the responsibility that comes by saying it.

It was one day that i decided to say only the words i understood their meaning . It was on the day i understood that that God by his own word he made allthis that we are to Be. What if then he meant to say let there be YOU...instead of the opposite. WHAT WORLD WOULD WE ALL BE LIVING IN. But yet everything is in harmony with the others simply because GOD said the right WORDS.

I WANT TO GET TO TELL THE WHOLE WORLD ABOUT THE LITTLE I KNOW.. It would change a few things. Starting with what we say.
My mouth used to get me into trouble...i had to work so i can simply meet what i said. Until i then decided to be the Master of my own Words.
Later guys. Lovely thing

today has been tremendous for me. so much you can be when we meditate on the scriptures. i then realized that i wasn't really believing the bible as i claimed for the past years. brethren...knowledge is but to be sought in its fullness by a totally willing heart.
i have  been making changes recently in my life to try and better myself. first i stopped the weed is a common frenzy among the youths today. then i changed my circles of interaction...currently I am alone for i want to be me fully before i expose myself again to the public. guess wat?? it works.
i will find time to post wat I found in my studies with you. surely Christianity is a world in this world where if we only CHOOSE to be residents in it....results are but bound to materialize.
I will leave you guys with two scriptures to thoroughly study but in the privacy of your room, alone, in a sincere prayer. ask the lord to set you at the same wavelength as me and the same platform where theses scriptures were launched at. it is a promise from above that you are bound to come out right with the lord in this age where FAITH has been replaced by MONEY.

for now I leave you with Matthew 24, the parable of the sower and Revelations17-19. 
these two are one but at different times in an age. brethren the seed that was sawn has now matured and is a fruit. FAITH or DOUBT. the seed of discrepancy is coming together under one religion....and I se the bride disheartened because they have been told by the pope that the lord is no longer coming. Who is the pope but the son of perdition...a seat of the devil to eat away the faith of the bride of Christ that he planted on Pentecost. but also Christ is but a man again in you and me today for a direct confrontation with the rapacious beast himself.
Rev 10v7 is this day fulfilled. there is fullness of knowledge and faith is but restored by the preaching of the unadulterated word of god. the bible. without creed or dogma. salvation is not in the denominationalism brethren but such is the work of the devil he started by the roman catholic fathers Ambrose, Jerome baffle the Holy Ghost away from the people for their mission is but the gathering of all people of god under the control of the so called blasphemous eternal city of Rome. eternity is afterlife. such is the movement of unbelief.

till we meet again, for now I have to toil and labor to put bread on the table. slothfulness is but one of the unpardonable sins. labor also in the spirit for such is the way to the kingdom of heaven brought to us all freely at Calvary. seek ye knowledge and in it ye shall find eternal life. 

Brethren today an ordinary man is Super-Natural by this book ye call the Bible. prove ye every word. in the sincerity of the heart and let not your mind hinder you. believe the whole book and act on it...then ye all shall increase in wisdom and understanding. live the book. give your freewill, your power to choose unto the lord and the rest is but the flow of data through the fiber optics into your computer. tell ye me who labors to receive gigabyte by gigabyte of data into his gadget and I will show you a liar and a fool. but ye can clean your gadgets of viruses...such are the worldly lusts that corrupt the spirit....from such turn away and the lord shall not suffer ye to falter in the trap and snare of the devil.
believing or not..the word of god today is but a man. believest thou this??? 

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We living in an age of information and data. Being a successful person soley relies on specialisation of either trade or whatevr the heart sets its mind on achieving. Influence is one of the basic tools when it comes capacitating your faith. You need believers of your mission all the the time. There is now no point in sorrounding us with critics is there? Critics plant doubt, the down effect is uncertainty in your decisions. If youvare not certain, you dont believe do you? Whats the point in doing anything you do not believe in then??

Does not the bible say ''...can two walk together lest they agree?'' " not be yoked together with unbelievers"
Believing goes a long way beyond just in God but also yourself, partner, business. Etc.

We are creatures of destiny and are meant to be certain in all our actions and reactions at all times

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Read the bible in the seeking mode....finding is but a reality you will soon live in. Do that twice three times... You wil have confidence in seeking for THIS time you will KNOW that you were lacking because you did not BELIEVE in seeking
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