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You wanted to the ability to select which microphone to use. This feature has now been added in version 1.0 :)

From the Voice Recognition Lab, you can set which microphone TellDJ should use. If you start TellDJ and your preferred microphone is not connected, TellDJ will offer you the chance to connect the mic, otherwise it will use whichever microphone has been set as default.

Want to see your ideas in V1? Head backstage.

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"Playback controls" was a popular request for TellDJ and it now been implemented. It may seem like a good candidate for voice control, but after using it for a while, it felt quicker and more natural to use it via the menu. Voice control is more suited to when there are a long list of items.

So in version 1.0, not only will you be able to request tracks and such, but also play/pause/skip/stop and jump to the previous track all from the TellDJ icon :)

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I've had some great feedback already and I've added some of them to the  Backstage section of the site. Current requests include:

- Playback controls (play/pause etc...) This is almost complete and ready for version 1.
- Ability to choose a microphone for TellDJ PC / Ultra Mix
- Spotify support (as a media player; not streaming)

If you have ideas or comments, feel free to post here or any other methods described in the Backstage section (whatever's most convenient for you).

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TellDJ Free PC version ready for download. Since it was 12/12/12, I decided to flip the switch and provide the current build to become public. Please try it out and let me know how it's working for you.

You can download it from (see link below)

I've already had some great feedback (big thank you to those who've been in touch!). You can get in touch and see current requests in the Backstage section of the website. 

Welcome to the TellDJ Community on Google+. If you have any feedback, ideas, or comments, please post in the "Discussion" section and any bugs  you've come across can be posted in the 'Bugs' section.  TellDJ aims to be designed around you, so feel free to get in touch :)
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