Give thanks and praise for tonight at @7pm EST ExoHelix and the Esteemed Reverend AeroNex bring you the Church of TF2. Join us for to nights lesson as we learn from the Book of TF2, How a young scrapper from the south side of Boston stood before the Heavy and laid him low with ball bat and 12 gauge.  Don’t delay answer the call of our heavenly Gaben and join the Church of TF2.

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The org system is live so if you plan on playing SC in with us in the future make an account on there website When and if you have an account head on over to and drop in a recruitment app to be added to our P.M.C. We want to flush this out with as may of us as possible so sigh up soon.

All right the new main page of the website is up. there is still a few tweaks to be made but other then that it looks great. Thank you again Elise Rahn and Parker Ortlieb for your hard work on this project.

Havent posted in here in a while since the new website went live. so here it goes. I have announced changes and initiatives to take place soon for Star Citizen as well as officers. see the website for more details.

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Awww yeah.

Updated the ExoHelix forums to now include a Star Citizen discussion page. Check it out and help us grow our Star Citizen group.

I posted a quick guide to what you need to know for the mad king event in GW2. Check it out on the exohelix forums

SeaOtter has been bugging me for an LoL night so tonight were going to run an impromptu group starting around 7pm ish and running untill were to drunk to keep playing. Reply to this post if your interested in running with us. #ExoHelixGroup  

From our Admin about the new Mumble server
"mumble server uses auth from the forum accounts.
So if you are registered on the forums, you are good to go on the mumble server.

even more reason to get signed up on the forums. 

Our Website forums are up again please resign up so you can have access to our community and mumble voice server.
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