Hey I may join the you my club but I may need to think about it.i just don't really like building much.

I uploaded my first video on my Yummy Channel! Now you can all start off too!

So I want to do a house tour. Would I like do my intro and like say sub for more and stuff or should I be like In roleplay mode?

Since we're on our main channels more often, we will be going on this Google+ with our main channels.
Here's how you should start off your roleplays. The rest will be all yours, except when I need to change a bit of the story.
Option 1: A casual day around the house
Option 2: A Morning Routine
Option 3: A House Tour

And apple, you haven't made your channel nor chose your theme, so when you make your channel and choose your theme, I will set your first videos options for you.

And I'm also working on our official Yummy Club website!

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