Hi everyone.

Very new to electronics and hardware, I know a little about software mainly Javascript.

Basically I want to be able to control individual LED's on a single LED string/strip. The control I want to have over them is simple ON/OFF. I want to get it so only one LED light is on at a time.
What hardware would I need for this besides the RPi and the LED string?

I'm new to R-PI but am ready for a challenge of giving Lightshow PI a go. Got plenty of time to set it up. Be cool to setup a webcam to stream it online too, I'm sure that is doable. Is it possible to run a full set of Christmas lights on each channel? I assume would need to run each channel via a relay to use a external power supply?

I am planning to use 2, relay boards. One 8 channel SSR solid state relay and one 8 channel mechanical relay. Do I use 2 separate power supplies or can I use one 12v supply for both?

I have installed lightshowpi and wired the GPIO pins to my Sainsmart 12VDC 16 channel relay board. I'm only using the first 8 relays.

My problem is when I run:
sudo python py/hardware_controller.py --state=flash

all 8 relay LED light up at once and stay lit. On the screen the test keeps going through the channels.

Why is it doing this? What do I need to check?


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Ok so I put all my lights on a new relay board and the relay has messed up again. It always happens on the same strand of lights (1.2 amps + 1.2 amps connected =2.4 Amps total). I thought these relays (mech. sainsmart) were rated up to 10A ? The relay still "works" it just only puts out 50-70Volts......

1. Any tips to fix?

2. If i put the each half of the strand on two individual relays (1.2 Amps each) how do i make them go off together? IE tie GPIO 7 and 12 together for example.

Would it be custom_channel_mapping = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7 ?

Stuck / Sticking Relay. On my 8ch sainsmart relay board i have a single strand of lights on channel 2. After playing for a bit it gets stuck in the on position. Any tips or tricks to fix?

This is the most active channel it appears..... Also i have my relay board wired to be inverted from normal. So my lights go OFF with the music not on with the music. The issue above is that the light stays off / in the on position, (hope that makes sense)

Used a voltmeter to test and it indeed is powered and the relay sometimes works but most of the time it works a few seconds (20-30) then gets stuck in one position.

Looking for tips / ideas on how to make a good tune to 100.1 sign. IE some kind of led matrix etc...

Pi local and remote control box?

Ok, so I really want to use the stream in method, much more flexible on music selection and the kids can pick whatever they want - also, noticed that with piFM, there is static between songs.. when the pi is located in the control box, it's about 100' or so away from the house (stream in is sketchy, although SSH into the pi works fine)...

So, I just tested running from the GPIO to my SSR relay board with 120' of spooled up Cat 5e. I made sure to run a common from the Pi (pin6) to the common of the SSR. Also added a 5v PS in the control box and one local with Pi...

Worked just fine!

So, since I only have 8 wires to work with in the Cat5, I'll need to run an additional ground wire. Is there anything else I'm missing?

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Hi, guys! Thanks so much for helping me. This is a picture of my setup yesterday after we got it working. As you can see we decided to use a 16 channel relay board (though technically it was two 8 channel relay boards). I will try to get a video of my display soon and post it for you guys to see.
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