I've installed lightshowpi on rasbian lite.... No issues what so ever. Added a song and it works perfectly

When I look in config files I seee default relays is set to 8.
Has anyone tried using 16? I've tried adding the rest of the pins accordingly (wpi) ... Only 8 are working

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My first time doing a light show. I have oodles of the 2/4/8/16 relay modules.
When the mega-io board (hat) was being developed, I backed it. https://www.sequentmicrosystems.com/

Anyhoo, it's a HAT with 8 relays, i2c, etc. For it to work, you need to use the wiringPi library's. I have the show working, different relay boards, etc. So, I've gotten my hands dirty learning the in's and out's. I've been playing with the Pi boards since v1. I can see the board on the i2c bus as 31. Great! now... how to make it work with LightShow. This board has a STM8L151C3T6 chip, which isn't yet in the LightShowPi device library.

Has anyone used it with an extension that might work on the mega-io board (STM8L151C3T6 mux)? Is anyone interested in helping make that happen?
I'm a quick study and have been dabbling in code for 20 years. I'm not good; I may be using wrong words. First step...
However, I am happy to help with guidance.
There are python drivers available.

Batch of ESPixle sticks up on amazon. Should be in stock Sept 11th.

Looking to get some early testing done this year with some new RGB elements and ESPixel Sticks. In the led1.defaults.cfg file there is mention of fft channels on the led strip. What is fft and how do I used it on say a string of 99 WS2811 bullet pixels? I have 4 of these using the PixNode Coro Canes from Holiday Coro.

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Working on a new box. I'm trying to make sure it's: more portable than my old one; each channel is fuse protected: got 16 channels: 120v is mostly separated from low voltage; an external master switch with an external AC outlet; will possibly have a screen so I can watch bootup process and edit files while at the box. I've started the build. I think I'm mostly set on how it will look but thought others might enjoy seeing it or have comments. My old box was great but bulky. This is still pretty bulky but much lighter. In the front are the fuse bars. Toward the back are neutral and ground bus bars from Home Despot. Top half in the images is the high voltage AC. Bottom half will be mostly low voltage DC. If I'm able to incorporate some NeoPixels with my setup, they will come out of the bottom half (not sure how I'll inject power for multiple connected strands).

I don't think any of these are my own ideas. Just watching others in the Community being new approaches forward.
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What format should music be in or downloaded to raspberry pi in lightshow pi. . I have tried to save to play list and when trying to play I receive several errors

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Hope everyone is doing good. Thinking about this years show and I picked these RGB pixels up at Walmart a few months ago. Can anyone point me to some directions on controlling RGBs via LightShowPi? I’ve got my setup from last year for traditional lights. I know I’ve seen videos but can find any definitely info. Also can different RGB strips be connected to the Pi to create pixel matrix? Thanks y’all!

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Good Morning Gurus, first time here
Could you please tell me , any restriction on what type of lights to use for this project?? Other than ws2811 ?? Could you recommend any. Thank you for your time.

GDEALER 4 Pack Fairy Lights Fairy String Lights Battery Operated Waterproof 8 Modes Remote Control 50 Led String Lights 16.4ft Copper Wire Firefly lights Christmas Decor Christmas Lights Cool White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0744B48XM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_qNAzBb4376E14

Do you prefer LED-strips or strings?
Now when I finally got my ESPixelstick I´m about to order some LEDs.
Any pros/cons?
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