Hey, is there anyway for me to get my Light show to start and stop on its own at a certain time?
Thanks, Chris

Not sure if this is possible but I have written a python script that picks a song at random and plays it using the pygame.mixer library and also using the eyeD library to get the mp3 tags to display the artist and title on a LCD display.

Is there a way of routing the audio to LightShowPi so that can also run a light show to music playing from my script?

Just like to say that this is the project I have been looking for in a long time. Have followed all the instructions but have come up against a small problem. lights flash and fade but when I issue the command "sudo python py/synchronized_lights.py --file=/home/pi/lightshowpi/music/sample/ovenrake_deck-the-halls.mp3" it says the the file py/synchronized_lights.py doesn`t exist, but yet when I cd into /home/pi/lightshowpi/py and then issue the command it works. Is this how I should do it or am I.m missing something. Thanks in advance

First of all this project is great! And I'm having a lot of fun working wit it.

Playing mp3 works good but when I try to stream with USB card i does nothing.

I configured USB as default sound card.

Running synchronized_lights.py im getting

pi@raspberrypi:~/lightshowpi $ sudo python py/synchronized_lights.py
sh: 2: mode: not found

and sample midi starts to play.

I,m starting my adventure with Raspberry,python,linux so mistakes happens.
What am I doing wrong?

Hey, I'm new and looking for some scripting advice. I have a pi loaded with the latest versions of Raspbian and LightShow Pi. I hooked it up to a relay and tested successfully. Now what...

I am dreaming up a Halloween project. Basically I need to figure out how to write a script to choose which outputs to turn on and how long to turn them on, along with play an audio track to go along with the light show. I also have some props that I would like to turn on. Then I would like to make different scripts and randomize them. And then I would like to activate them with a motion sensor.

An example would be:
Walk up to my house.
Motion sensor would detect you.
Red strands of lights would come on.
An audio track with creep music would come on.
After a few seconds there would be a recording of Freddy Kruger talking.
I would have a freddy Kruger mannequin with the guts of an oscillating fan for a head hooked up to the relay, which would begin to move back and forth when he starts talking.
Then after he is done talking I activate a jumping spider prop that is positioned near where people are standing.
Then lights go back out.

Any idea where I can start on putting together a script like that?

Can I make more than five columns of led strips?

ok guys... i new to all of this... i have a raspberry pi 3b... im trying to setup my wifi... ive googled and tried everything i can find... no luck...

this is what my supplicant file looks like





and my interfaces:

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet dhcp

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

any help would be appreciated

Hey all, I have lightshow pi up and running and my 8 LEDs are working fine for all the various modes. For this project, I am wondering if there was any way to rig up my audio device settings for more of an "audio out" mode instead of "audio in." I am building the Amazon Alexa and want the LEDs to blink only when she talks or when the device plays music. 

Hi Guys! I am currently installing LightshowPi to my RPi and at the beginning I am getting a failed install for FFMPEG, says no candidate. I googled solutions but mostly I am getting information on installing specific output supports before FFMPEG. Can some one give me the 30 sec bit on what FFMPEG for Lightshowpi is coordinated for and if there is a specific command line to push for LightshowPi setup?

Hi i have RGB led strip and i want to customize frequencies to this: channel 1: 20h-120hz, channel 2: 800-2000hz, channel 3: 5000-8000hz. How can i do that ? Thanks a lot. 
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