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Thank you all who donated in Tom Enos' honor. I received a total of $850 from this generous community. Thank You!

I have matched this donation, and contributed through my work for a grand total of $3400 sent to the Orange County Rescue Mission in the honor of Tom Enos.

Again, thank you all!



I am just trying to get some LEDs to flash on a breadboard (small steps). I think I have hooked everything up right but when I run hardware_controller flash it says "Need to setup SYCHRONIZED LIGHTS HOME environment variable". Where do I find that? Thanks. 

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Begginer Looking for Pointers!! Contoling LED strips

I am an Rasberry Pi newb and i've spent hours searching the web finding projects that are just not exactly what i'm interested in doing.

I'd like to control WHITE led strips with line-in audio. Everything I've found is to control RGB strips. I will be controlling about 24-30 ft of super bright white LEDs for long periods of time so i'll need a driver that can handle that.

I would like to be able to control what frequency range the lights respond to and i'd like to control how they respond i.e. flicker vs smooth, brightness, etc. (i imagine i would do this within the code?)

Once i have Rasberry Pi programed will it retain the ability to perform this task without a computer even if turned off and on?

It seems like this should be easy but i cant find info about doing exactly this.


Thank you!!!!!

Hi everyone.

Very new to electronics and hardware, I know a little about software mainly Javascript.

Basically I want to be able to control individual LED's on a single LED string/strip. The control I want to have over them is simple ON/OFF. I want to get it so only one LED light is on at a time.
What hardware would I need for this besides the RPi and the LED string?

Hey, is there anyway for me to get my Light show to start and stop on its own at a certain time?
Thanks, Chris

Not sure if this is possible but I have written a python script that picks a song at random and plays it using the pygame.mixer library and also using the eyeD library to get the mp3 tags to display the artist and title on a LCD display.

Is there a way of routing the audio to LightShowPi so that can also run a light show to music playing from my script?

Is the lightshow programed to compensate to how many channels ive set up? i think 8 channels is the common right? say, i set up only 3? or as many as 10?

Just like to say that this is the project I have been looking for in a long time. Have followed all the instructions but have come up against a small problem. lights flash and fade but when I issue the command "sudo python py/ --file=/home/pi/lightshowpi/music/sample/ovenrake_deck-the-halls.mp3" it says the the file py/ doesn`t exist, but yet when I cd into /home/pi/lightshowpi/py and then issue the command it works. Is this how I should do it or am I.m missing something. Thanks in advance

Hey, I'm new and looking for some scripting advice. I have a pi loaded with the latest versions of Raspbian and LightShow Pi. I hooked it up to a relay and tested successfully. Now what...

I am dreaming up a Halloween project. Basically I need to figure out how to write a script to choose which outputs to turn on and how long to turn them on, along with play an audio track to go along with the light show. I also have some props that I would like to turn on. Then I would like to make different scripts and randomize them. And then I would like to activate them with a motion sensor.

An example would be:
Walk up to my house.
Motion sensor would detect you.
Red strands of lights would come on.
An audio track with creep music would come on.
After a few seconds there would be a recording of Freddy Kruger talking.
I would have a freddy Kruger mannequin with the guts of an oscillating fan for a head hooked up to the relay, which would begin to move back and forth when he starts talking.
Then after he is done talking I activate a jumping spider prop that is positioned near where people are standing.
Then lights go back out.

Any idea where I can start on putting together a script like that?

Just getting started for my Halloween display. Will light show allow me to set the individual on/off throughout the song, or does it do it automatically.

Also can it handle two 16 channel controller boards?

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