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Installer Failing
It has come to my attention that certain configurations are not installing properly with "simplejson" errors. If you are using the most current full version of Raspbian 2018-04-18 ( the lite version does not have this issue ), this will effect you. Update : LSPi master branch has fix.
Solutions - Pick one ->
sudo apt-get remove python-simplejson
sudo apt-get remove python-serial
sudo ./
(continue with installation instructions)
Install Raspbian lite version
(begin installation instructions)
3) use this one if you have a Pi 3B+
git fetch && git checkout master
sudo ./

Technically, this new version of Raspbian has installed by default the apt packages which conflict with the pip packags, so when the install script attempts to validate the package, it does not have sufficient information and dies.

Just trying to get this going on a Raspberry Pi 3. Should I use the Raspbian or Raspbian Lite to start? I had some issues with the not working. It couldn't find BiblioPixel as well as BeautifulSoup and a couple others.

Hello Everyone!
It’s been awhile since I’ve been working on LightshowPi related items. I am currently in the process of working on a new addition to my show. It involves using roughly 100M of rgb ws2812b pixel lights. I’m planning on using 4 PiPixel light controllers. However I was wondering if any of you have used PiPixel before and how would I go about incorporating them into my show? I’m thinking leave the PiPixels on and independent of the show. But have the power for the Led strips be controlled by a solid state relay board. Any thoughts?

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Getting in the Halloween spirit using 2 esp-01
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Hey all,
trying to test the hardware on 3 b+ , when i run the hardware test commond it throws an error Could not determine Raspberrry Pi Model .. please help me to over come this error.

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Hope everyone is doing good. Thinking about this years show and I picked these RGB pixels up at Walmart a few months ago. Can anyone point me to some directions on controlling RGBs via LightShowPi? I’ve got my setup from last year for traditional lights. I know I’ve seen videos but can find any definitely info. Also can different RGB strips be connected to the Pi to create pixel matrix? Thanks y’all!

can't get past the Need to setup synchronized_lights_home environment variable, see readme

This must sound like a dump question, but is is possible to use only one channel for rgb leds and the other channels for normal string lights? If so how would the wiring and config work?

Hi , i'm a complete noob to rpi and lightshowpi, but have managed to get the basic setup working with a 8 channel relay. The problem I'm having is that on most songs the lights on the last (8th) channel almost never responds. Some guidance will be much appreciated

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Good Morning Gurus, first time here
Could you please tell me , any restriction on what type of lights to use for this project?? Other than ws2811 ?? Could you recommend any. Thank you for your time.

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